Chapter 36: Drat That Dratini! is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

A little girl wanders in Viridian Forest, lost. Red saves her from a wild Dratini. Upon learning that she has no Pokémon, he lends her Pikachu and teaches her how to catch a Rattata.

They are attacked by a bunch of Golem and Weezing, causing them to flee on Red's Aerodactyl. He brings her home to Viridian City, and speaking to some residents there, Red discovers that many strange, dangerous Pokémon have been seen in Viridian Forest recently. They also tell him that their gym leader has been missing for a long time, and that he was said to be invincible.

Before leaving to check out the gym, Red tells the girl that though Pokémon can be big or scary on the outside, they are just as caring and loving as humans on the inside. He tells her to raise Rattata with love, and Rattata will be a good Pokémon.

He goes to the Viridian City gym, where he finds a broken statue with a face that is half-familiar, but suddenly a silhouette appears, remarking that he knew Red would come here…

Chapter 35

Chapter 37

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Unnamed girl
  2. A wild Dratini
  3. Red's Venasaur
  4. Red
  5. A wild Rattata
  6. Red's Pikachu
  7. Former Team Rocket Pokémon: Golem (multiple), Weezing (multiple)
  8. Red's Aerodactyl
  9. Viridian City citizens
  10. Red's Gyarados and Venasaur

Locations Visited

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