Chapter 32: A Little Kadabra'll Do It is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

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Sabrina's Kadabra blasts Green with psychic energy, revealing that she, herself, is a psychic and a lack of physical sight is no handicap to her. Kadabra's Disable paralyzes Green, who acknowledges Sabrina's skill as a trainer but insults her femininity; moments later, Kadabra's Slash tears Green's dress and reveals pokéballs stuffed in her chest. They unleash a Jigglypuff and Clefairy, who use a Sing and Growl combo to break Sabrina's concentration, thus breaking the illusion imprisoning Green.

Unable to resist, Green steals Sabrina's badge before fleeing.

Meanwhile, Red has been wandering the Silph Co. building, to no avail. He stumbles across a strange device with badge-shaped holes, and Red overhears from passing Team Rocket grunts that this is the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier. Moments later, Sabrina comes, asking the grunts if they'd seen a girl running around and then dismissing the pair. She comes in and Red attacks her with Pikachu, but strangely, Pikachu stops and only sits at her feet. Red is baffled until Ditto melts off of Green's face, who playfully brags that she is a master of disguise.

On a basement floor, Blue has bullied Koga's Golbat mirror into showing the way to Professor Oak. He unties Oak, who says that the other residents of Pallet Town are on the floor below, B2. He also reveals that Team Rocket had wanted him to replace a scientist who had been working on a horrific project.

Back with Red and Green, Green shows Red the Marsh Badge she stole from Sabrina. Red demands that he show it to her, brandishing the Badge Energy Amplifier, but Green refuses: she tells him that if he won't give her his Moon Stone, she won't give him her badge. Green thinks to herself that she'll need the Moon Stone if she ever encounters Sabrina again.

Red tries to convince her that they both came here to stop Rocket, but Green disagrees, telling him that they came for separate reasons that happen to intersect now. Red would help both their reasons with this trade.

Red agrees, and they swap items. Green lies, telling Red that the Badge Amplifier powers up a Pokémon enormously; however, she thinks to herself instead that it creates an entirely new Pokémon, which she will capture as soon as the oblivious Red unleashes it.

Sabrina appears, furious and threatening to kill them. Red tells Green to stay back—she gladly agrees—and Red thrusts the Amplifier at Pikachu, expecting him to get a power up; there is lame silence as nothing happens. Green snatches the Amplifier from Red and reveals that the Boulder Badge and Cascade Badge she returned to him were fakes, which was why the Amplifier isn't working. With the Amplifier in hand, with all of Red's badges in it, she makes an escape just as Sabrina pulls out Moltres. Sabrina's Kadabra teleports away and then returns with Zapdos and Articuno, all three legendary birds facing down Red.

In a hallway, Green shoves the real Boulder and Cascade Badges in. A ball of light emerges from the Amplifier and she chases it, bursting into the room where Red and the three legendary birds are. Sabrina smirks, realizing that the time has come.

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  • The scene where Green's shirt gets damaged by Kadabra was censored in the US and edited in a way it would make sense.

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