Chapter 30: Zap! Zap! Zapdos! is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Green is busy trying to complete her own self-assigned mission. She figures that Team Rocket must be rich and plans on reaching their third floor; however, she sees a door open, and suddenly finds herself in some unknown plains, with a building in the background; this is an illusion created by Sabrina to force Green to experience her worst fears.

Sabrina emerges with her Kadabra, dodging Green's Blastoise's attack and revealing that she is the one who created the barrier around Saffron. Kadabra uses Psychic to pull Green's pokéballs away from her and uses Disable to destroy Blastoise's shell, to Green's dismay; Sabrina mockingly guesses that Blastoise is Green's only strong Pokémon.

Green kicks a pokéball, releasing Blastoise to use Mega Punch on Kadabra. The other "Blastoise" melts to reveal Ditto. Green sends out a Horsea, using Smokescreen. Sabrina is blind with the Smokescreen, but Green uses her special modified Silph Scope binoculars to see Sabrina clearly.

As Green prepares her final attack, Red is losing badly to Lt. Surge and Zapdos on the first floor. His Ivysaur is knocked out in one hit of Zapdos's ThunderShock. Lt. Surge decides to turn up the power and has Zapdos use Thunder; Red sees his chance, getting Ivysaur up to cut the cords connecting Lt. Surge and Zapdos and to slice Lt. Surge's insulated suit, making him vulnerable to Zapdos's electricity. Lt. Surge is badly shocked and collapses.

Red plucks the Thunder Badge from Lt. Surge, telling him that Professor Oak told Red that to be a strong trainer, all you need is what's in your heart.

As Red manages to make it to the second floor, he makes it in time to see Koga trying to deliver the final blow to Blue!

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Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Green
  2. Green's Blastoise
  3. Sabrina and her Kadabra
  4. Green's Ditto
  5. Green's Horsea
  6. Red
  7. Lt. Surge and his Pokémon
  8. Zapdos
  9. Red's Ivysaur
  10. Koga and his Golbat
  11. Blue

Locations Visited

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