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Chapter 3: The Secret of Kangaskhan (also known as VS. Kangaskhan) is the 3rd chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


Continuing his conversation with Professor Oak from the last chapter, Red listens while the Professor tells him that in order to fill all the pages in his pokédex he has to go farther than Viridian City. Oak recommends that Red start in Viridian Forest, as he'd meet Pokémon he's never seen before. He goes on to say something else about the forest, but breaks off and laughs, leaving Red bewildered.

Red rushes off to the forest to begin his travels. When he reaches the forest, he realizes that he'd only brought Poli and Saur with him, but decides that they'll do well if he is going to meet and catch all the Pokémon in the world. He goes on to release his two pokemon from their pokéballs and they charge off into the forest.

In a part of Viridian Forest, the same trainer as before and his Charmander are training. The trainer commands Charmander to attack the bushes with its flame and they end up knocking out a Venomoth.


I'm going to pulverize you!

In another part of the forest, Red comes screeching out of the bushes, angrily cursing about losing the Caterpie that he'd been tracking. He hears a rustling in another patch of undergrowth and commands Poli to go and attack it. As he makes his way through the bushes, asking Poli if he'd caught it, only to find his Pokémon knocked unconscious. A voice above him remarks dryly that Poliwhirl'd had an owner. Red looks up to see the same Charmander from before standing with its trainer, who tells Red not to take it personally and that they'd thought it had been a wild Pokémon at the time.



Red, enraged, rushes at the trainer in an act to punch him, only to have his fist blocked with ease, the other trainer smiling innocently. He says that since they were both in the forest to capture Pokémon, they were bound to run into each other eventually. Red recognizes the trainer from their first encounter with the mysterious Pokémon a few days before and begins to ask him a question before he cuts off when he feels the ground shaking. The other trainer, however, looks thrilled with the moment.


I'll use my pokédex! ...wait...

Out of the bushes lumbers a Kangkaskhan. Red screams in terror, while the other trainer looks simply psyched at her appearance. He said that he'd known that she had been in the forest somewhere and had been waiting. He commands Charmander to attack with a burst of flames at the Pokémon. He pulls out his pokédex to scan the Kangaskhan only to stare in surprise at Red, who's also pulled out his pokédex. Realizing that this was the other person who his grandfather, Professor Oak, had given a pokédex to, he breaks down laughing, while Red stares in shock when he realizes that this trainer was the professor's grandson.



The trainer commands Charmander to deal the final blow of flames and then throws a pokéball at Kangaskhan, who quickly blocks it. He throws one more only to be blocked again. He growls angrily that the fire attacks weren't enough; however, Red notices that she was strong enough to repel the pokéballs, yet wasn't attacking. Glancing at her, he notices her hands curled protectively at her pouch. He shouts to the trainer to stop the attacks, who replies angrily that he wouldn't let Red steal Kangaskhan from him and commands Charmander to fight on.

Red knocks the other trainer out of the way and calls Poli out, who shoots Charmander with water, ceasing its attacks. The trainer snarls at Red but Red has already rushed off, asking Kangaskhan if her baby is okay. The other trainer looks up, surprised. Kangaskhan's baby crawls out from her pouch, injured. Red, realizing that it is poisoned, quickly treats it with an antidote and pets it gently. Kangaskhan smiles at Red kindly before she walks off.

The trainer growls angrily at Red, saying that if he hadn't intervened, he could've caught it. Red, however, replies that it wouldn't have really been winning, since Kangaskhan had been at a disadvantage. The trainer huffs and walks off. Red calls at him to stop, telling the boy his name and asking for the boy's. He replies that his name is Blue and snaps at Red to leave him alone. Blue walks off.

Red calls out to Blue as he walks away, saying that he isn't going to lose to him. Professor Oak, who's been hiding in the bushes, smiles, remarking that the path to becoming a great trainer just got steeper as the two boys go their separate ways.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Professor Oak
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Charmander
  5. Wild Venomoth
  6. Wild Kangkashan

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