Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Go for the Golbat is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Blue and Red enter the Silph Co. Headquarters, but almost immediately, a trapdoor opens underneath Red. Their enmity forgotten for a split second, Red instinctively yells to Blue for help, who lunges forward to try saving Red but fails.

Blue senses something behind him and whirls. He sees Koga and without a word sends out Scyther to attack him. Scyther's blade sinks deep into his shoulder. The flesh Scyther impaled melts into a Grimer, revealing Koga to be uninjured; Grimer's sludge takes hold of Blue's hands, preventing him from reaching for more pokéballs.

Meanwhile, Red notices an eerily familiar electric field around him. Lt. Surge reveals himself just as Red figures out he is behind the electric field. Lt. Surge uses a cannon to shoot an Electrode at Red, throwing him into the electrified barbed wire. Red recognizes him as a gym leader and demands why Lt. Surge joined Team Rocket. Lt. Surge is scornful, exclaiming that a gym leader has to follow the rules—and he'd gotten no power from that. He declares that power will get him whatever he wants. He uses his advanced weaponry as an example, showing Red what Team Rocket can do.

Red springs an ambush on Lt. Surge: Pikachu, hidden behind Red, sends a bolt of electricity at Lt. Surge. However, Lt. Surge is prepared with insulated clothing, rendering electricity harmless. Lt. Surge laughs that Red is on Lt. Surge's turf now, and everything in this building is rigged to be to the admins' advantage.

As Red endures a barrage of Electrodes, he begins to wonder why Lt. Surge doesn't run out of energy. Realizing this, Lt. Surge decides that since Red is doomed anyway, he might as well tell him: Zapdos is the source of Lt. Surge's power.

Blue, seeing the entire scene through Koga's Golbat mirror, is horrified at Red's suffering. Koga offers Blue a terrifying ultimatum: either convince Professor Oak to assist Team Rocket, or perish. Blue outright refuses and Blue's Scyther frees itself from the Grimer, only to be incapacitated by Koga's Ekans. And with a Razor Wind attack, Blue is delivered a mighty blow, knocking him out.

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Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Red's Pikachu
  4. Koga
  5. Blue's Scyther
  6. Koga's Grimer
  7. Lt. Surge's Electrode and Voltorb
  8. Lt. Surge
  9. Lt. Surge's Magneton and Electabuzz
  10. Koga's Ekans

Locations Visited

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