Chapter 28 is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

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Blue tells Red that their struggle against Team Rocket is reachings its climax: their base is in Saffron City, and Red has been dared to enter the shielded city.

Red has a sudden realization: if Oak has been kidnapped by Team Rocket, then what's happened to the Pokémon Red left in his care? Red rushes to check the PC and finds that his Eevee, previously an experiment of Team Rocket, is missing; Blue, checking his PC, remarks that none of his Pokémon are missing.

From that, Blue concludes that Team Rocket's target is Red, and Blue callously adds that that's what Red gets for trying to help everybody he meets.

Red jumps Blue, trying to punch him, but Blue catches his fist. Intense, he tells Red to butt out of this: Team Rocket is Blue's objective, and he doesn't want Red interfering. Red tries to protest, but Blue turns away, saying that he doesn't care what Team Rocket does to Pokémon—causing Red to say that Blue shouldn't interfere with Red's mission against Team Rocket.

Blue scornfully tells Red that he doesn't know anything: the reason why the famous Professor Oak chose to build his lab in a nobody place like Pallet Town is because Pallet Town is free of pollution; it is peaceful. Blue passionately claims Pallet Town as his own and declares that if Team Rocket wants to mess with Blue's town or Blue's grandpa, they need to deal with Blue first.

Blue takes to the sky on Charizard.

Red growls that Pallet Town is Red's home, too, and he takes off on Aerodactyl.

On Route 7, at the west entrance to Saffron City, Blue observes that the barrier has not weakened at all. However, if the barrier is being maintained by a single Pokémon, there must be a weak spot in it.

Meanwhile, Red attacks the barrier with Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam. When it fails, he begins to worry that Blue was correct when he said there is no way into Saffron.

Both Blue and Red get the same idea: check the top. Catching sight of each other, they begin to argue. In the fervor of their argument, neither notice Green hovering nearby on her Jigglypuff, watching them.

They discover that no matter how powerful the attack, the barrier stands strong. Blue decides to attack it not physically, but psychically. He sends out Golduck, using Confusion to project an image of the barrier's creator into his pokédex. Blue sees a Mr. Mime and two Team Rocket grunts standing outside the entrance to the Silph Corporation building.

Red, seeing Blue, realizes that he has figured something out. Not to be outdone, he sends out Pikachu and uses Substitute, finding out that the Substitute Pikachu can pass easily through the barrier. The intangible Pikachu wanders through Saffron City, seemingly lost.

Now what? both Red and Blue wonder.

Green speaks up, surprising both of them. She tells them that they're only going to succeed if they work together. Blue knows where the Team Rocket headquarters is; Red has a Pokémon inside the city. Blue's Golduck projects the information into Pikachu's head. With Golduck's guidance, the Substitute Pikachu finds Mr. Mime and defeats it. The barrier vanishes, causing Red to celebrate. (More quietly, Green laughs over how she tells Blue and Red what to do, and in the end they unwittingly help her.)

Blue charges into Saffron, Red hot on heels. They are, once again, at odds and competing. Watching them from a high window in the Silph Co. building, Lt. Surge is prepared to face them.

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Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red's Ivysaur
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Blue's Charizard
  5. Red's Aerodactyl
  6. Green and her Jigglypuff
  7. Blue's Golduck
  8. Sabrina's Mr. Mime
  9. Red's Pikachu
  10. Lt. Surge

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