Chapter 267: The Final Battle VIII is the 87th, and final, chapter in the RS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the eighth chapter in Volume 22.

Full Summary

Ruby and Sapphire engage Maxie and Archie in a double battle. Archie and Maxie steal the Jewels and get into Wallace's aircar, intent on escape.

Ruby and Sapphire have Plusle and Minun attack the aircar, stopping them. Saying that enough people have died today, Ruby gives Sapphire the remote control to the car so that they can save their enemies. Ruby sends out Celebi to retrieve the Blue and Red Jewels from them.

Celebi gets and deliberately breaks the Jewels. It then brings Ruby and Sapphire through an alternate timeline where everybody survived: Marge, Norman, Steven Stone, Wallace… Ruby and Sapphire find themselves faced with everybody, who thank them for their hard work.

Suddenly realizing that there is one day left until the deadline, Ruby and Sapphire rush to get their last ribbons and badge, respectively.

The next day, with eight badges, Sapphire goes to her secret hideout on Route 101. She arrives and finds that Ruby has completely redesigned it and brought in lots of stuffed toys. He shows her that he has earned all of Hoenn's ribbons and completely ignores the fact that they confessed to each other. Sapphire is determined to confront him about their shared feelings, but before she can, Ruby's mother shows up in an interview on the TV and asks for Ruby and Sapphire to come home, so that they can celebrate not only Sapphire's birthday, but Ruby's birthday—as they'd never gotten the chance to eighty days ago.


Ruby and Sapphire leave together for Littleroot Town.

Somewhere else, Giovanni finds the remaining shards of the Blue and Red Jewels.

Chapter 266

Chapter 268

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby and his Milotic
  2. Sapphire
  3. Plusle and Minun
  4. Archie and his Tentacruel
  5. Maxie and his Houndoom
  6. Sapphire's Tropius
  7. Maxie's Camerupt
  8. Archie's Walrein
  9. Sapphire's Blaziken
  10. Ruby's Swampert
  11. Wallace
  12. New Mauville Generator
  13. Coil-Boy
  14. A wild Seviper (memory)
  15. Ruby's Celebi
  16. Juan
  17. Tate
  18. Liza
  19. Maryann and Tyler
  20. Absol
  21. Lots of characters introduced in the RS Arc
  22. Ruby's Mother
  23. Wallene
  24. Riley
  25. Mr. Briney
  26. Wally
  27. Mitch
  28. Giovanni

Locations Visited

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