Chapter 266: VS The Final Battle VII is the 86th (and the penultimate) chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the seventh chapter of Volume 22.

Full Summary

Archie and Maxie recognize the Champion's cloak on Wallace, and, realizing they are out of their league, reveal their trump card: their hostage, Winona. Wallace is forced to surrender, and they attack him.

Sapphire and Ruby (who is now free), realize that there is nobody left to carry on the fight.

At that moment, Ruby's Feebas appears at Archie's and Maxie's feet, attacking them, fierce and ready to fight. They smack her away. Ruby kneels, gently picking her up; Archie and Maxie sneer about her weakness and ugliness. Ruby disagrees with them, saying that she is beautiful because of her heart—a heart capable of love.

Wallace, injured badly nearby, gives Ruby the hyper-rank beauty ribbon he'd won in Slateport.

Feebas evovles into Milotic, the Pokémon Ruby has been searching for.

Chapter 265

Chapter 267

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Locations Visited

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