Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Holy Moltres is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

In the Pokémon Mansion of Cinnabar Island, a Team Rocket grunt snarls that Blaine has betrayed them and will pay.

Approaching Cinnabar Island, Red sees a fire and decides to check it out. He finds Team Rocket confronting Blaine's Arcanine and Rapidash; unfortunately, Red is spotted and initially believed to be Blaine. They attack Red, but Blaine reveals himself, calling them off and telling them to come after Blaine himself. Recognizing Blaine's compassion, the grunt threatens Red and then attacks Blaine with Gengar's Night Shade.

Red comes to Blaine's rescue, unleashing Gyarados to attack Team Rocket, and Red escapes with Blaine on Rapidash. As they escape, Blaine confesses that he used to be a scientist for Team Rocket. A fireball speeds up behind them, so Red sends out Poliwrath to try to stop it: he fails. Blaine realizes that the fireball is actually Moltres.

A Team Rocket grunt sneers that now Blaine will pay for quitting Team Rocket.

The two struggle to battle Moltres, but find it is nearly impossible to fight this flying-type without another flying-type Pokémon. Red is knocked over, and the strange stone given to him by Giovanni falls out of his pocket. Blaine immediately recognizes it as the Old Amber and he tells Red to go to his secret laboratory, where the Old Amber can be awakened. He asks Red to trust him and takes Red's Gyarados before sending Red off.

Rapidash brings Red to the laboratory and brings him a book to guide him through the process of awakening the Old Amber. The Old Amber breaks and from it grows an Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl grabs Red and breaks through the roof, flying Red back to Blaine and Moltres.

Meanwhile, Blaine is despairing. He reveals that he created Mewtwo, and Mewtwo has escaped; Blaine is afraid that Mewtwo will destroy them all if Blaine does not find him.

Red and Aerodactyl arrive, rescuing the badly beaten Blaine and attacking Moltres, forcing Team Rocket to return Moltres and flee. Blaine leaves for Pallet Town, intent on finding Mewtwo.

Meanwhile, the Team Rocket grunt with Moltres returns to Saffron City, where he meets up with Sabrina. Behind her, Koga mocks him for letting Blaine escape with even Moltres on his side. They then receive a call from Lt. Surge, reporting the successful capture of Zapdos.

Somewhere, Giovanni is darkly satisfied that he now has all the legendary birds: Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Without Mewtwo, these three will have to do.

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Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Team Rocket grunts
  2. Red
  3. Red's Gyarados
  4. Team Rocket's Magnemite and Gengar
  5. Blaine's Arcanine and Rapidash
  6. Red's Poliwrath
  7. Moltres
  8. Red's Aerodactyl
  9. Sabrina
  10. Koga and Articuno
  11. Lt. Surge and Zapdos (on videophone)
  12. Giovanni

Locations Visited

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