Chapter 259: VS Rayquaza II is the 79th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the final chapter of Volume 21.

Full Summary

Right before they leave Mirage Island, Sapphire confesses her feelings to Ruby. As they fly through the time vortex, Sapphire apologizes for the timing, but says that since Ruby told her he plans to return to Johto, she assumes he'll leave after the final battle and she won't get a chance.

She tells him that though she initially found him to be rude, superficial, and arrogant, after everything they'd been through she'd realized he was actually a nice guy and a good fighter.

She tells him about a boy she once knew and liked who saved her from a Salamence, inspiring her to learn how to fight; he'd said that someone in Kanto had become Champion at only eleven years old, and they made a promise to become Champions even younger than that. Years passed, and eighty days before her eleventh birthday, Sapphire met Ruby. Even though she wouldn't be able to keep the promise she made the boy, she decided to at least try to qualify for the League tournament, and made the eighty days bet with Ruby.

Now, she tells him, she's glad she made the bet, because it brought her and Ruby together and gave her the chance to know him. In fact, she thinks she likes him even more than the boy who saved her from the Salamence.

Admitting that she may be asking too much, Sapphire asks Ruby to stay in Hoenn with her after the final battle. Before he can form any sort of response, there is turbulence, and they are nearly thrown off Tropius; they hang on to each other to stay on.

They burst into the air above Sootopolis City, shocking Steven and Wallace. Ruby asks Sapphire to eject the Blue Jewel as he summons the aircar. Sapphire ejects her Jewel unquestioningly, asking him instead what he wants with the aircar as she hands the Jewel to him. Ruby shoves Sapphire off of Tropius and into the aircar, locking it and trapping her in it.

Ruby thanks Sapphire for making the bet and giving him a chance to know her. He pulls off his hat, revealing the scar he'd sustained protecting her from the Salamence in the past, and says that he likes her, too—and has since the day they met. For this reason, he cannot let her fight and risk her life in the impending battle.

Marge, arriving, asks drolly if he's finished. Ruby turns his back on Sapphire to go with Marge towards where Kyogre and Groudon battle; he has a Jewel in each hand and a very grim, fierce expression on his face.

Somewhere else, Rayquaza speeds through the sky, Norman on its head with only one thought: I'm coming, Ruby.

Chapter 258

Chapter 260

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Sapphire
  2. Ruby
  3. Sapphire's Tropius
  4. Plusle and Minun
  5. Juan and his Kingdra
  6. Tate
  7. Liza
  8. A wild Salamence (memory)
  9. Professor Birch (memory)
  10. Sapphire's Aron (memory)
  11. A Huntail (memory)
  12. Sapphire's Torchic (memory)
  13. Steven Stone
  14. Wallace
  15. Registeel
  16. Marge and her Swellow
  17. Kyogre
  18. Groudon
  19. Rayquaza
  20. Norman

Locations Visited

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