Chapter 253: VS Regirock, Registeel, and Regice I is the 73rd chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the fourth chapter of Volume 21.

Full Summary

As Steven senses the explosion at Sootopolis, in New Mauville his father stirs, fitfully muttering Steven's name. Still on the phone with the blind boy, Steven repeats what can be read from the missing portion: "The first is Wa… the last is Re…"

He consoles the boy, assuring him that he tried his best, and Steven mind turns to his father, who had been investigating the missing part of the slab but hadn't yet contacted Steven about it.

He receives a call from the Elite Four, asking him how long it'll take to unseal the Regis and telling him that there isn't much time to waste. Steven decides to abandon the Regis plan and orders the Elite Four to make their way to Sootopolis to help out. As she leaves, Phoebe assures the blind boy that his efforts will not be allowed to go to waste.

As Steven travels to Sootopolis on his Metagross, he is shocked to discover the sheer amount and intensity of the energy being emitted from the Sootopolis explosion. Seeing a girl being thrown by it nearby, he reaches and grabs her hand, vowing that he, Steven Stone, will not allow another life to be needlessly sacrificed.

Upon hearing his name, the girl is astonished, telling him that she has searched all of Hoenn to deliver a letter from his father to him. She gives it to him, and he opens it to discover a full translation of the missing portion of the slab: "The first is Wailord, the last is Relicanth."

He now knows what is needed to summon the Regis.

Chapter 252

Chapter 254

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Steven Stone and his Metagross
  2. Mitch's Torkoal
  3. Kids in New Mauville with their Taillow, Oddish, Zigzagoon, Seedot, and Psyduck
  4. Riley
  5. Wanda
  6. Mr. Stone
  7. Blind Boy
  8. Drake and his Shelgon
  9. Glacia, her Snorunt, and her Spheal
  10. Sidney and his Zangoose
  11. Phoebe
  12. Swimmer
  13. Maryann and Tyler
  14. Absol
  15. Winona and her Altaria
  16. Wallace
  17. Ruby
  18. Kyogre
  19. Groudon
  20. Sapphire
  21. A Wailord, multiple Beldum, and a Relicanth

Locations Visited

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