Chapter 25: You Know…Articuno! is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Articuno escapes from troops of Team Rocket grunts.

Misty and Red are surfing toward the Seafoam Islands, though Misty is having a much easier time of it: Red clings on to her Gyarados for dear life as Misty cruises along on Starmie. They arrive at the Seafoam Islands, where Misty tells Red that because he doesn't have any Pokémon who know Surf, he can hold on to her Gyarados; in return, Misty will take his Krabby with her.

To Red's surprise, Misty leaves, telling him that she can't stay away from Cerulean's gym. As she leaves, her face grows grim as she wishes the best for Red.

Red wanders Seafoam Islands, and when he notices that the ground and trees are frozen over, he suspects that Articuno is nearby. He lets out all of his Pokémon, who are suspicious of and intimidated by Gyarados, remembering their last encounter with him. They are attacked by Team Rocket, and a grunt reveals that Articuno is right there: frozen in a shield of ice. They use a Muk to take Articuno, but Red's Pokémon are reluctant to help Gyarados fight Team Rocket. Seeing Team Rocket brings back bad memories for Gyarados. Muk attacks Gyarados.

Articuno breaks out of its ice and tries to escape; Team Rocket gives pursuit, but Red is too weakened to follow. Seeing Gyarados still under attack by Muk, Red inspires his team to accept Gyarados and to try save him from Muk.

Articuno, tossing off Team Rocket attacks, freezes Muk, therefore saving Red and his Pokémon.

Though Red is disappointed to not have captured Articuno, he is glad that a new bond of friendship has been forged within his team of Pokémon.

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