Chapter 241: VS Dusclops is the 61st chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Wally, with the agreement of his Pokémon and the support of the old man, accepts Norman's offer for training. Norman gives Wally special sleeve cuffs to hold pokéballs and assigns him a test: to reach the final floor of Sky Pillar.

Wally enters the building, but the floor crumbles beneath him. Treecko saves Wally, using the suction cups on his hands to hang. Treecko finds a Mach Bike left for them by Norman.

Using the bike, Wally moves quickly enough that he can cross the floor before it collapses.

Meanwhile, Norman and the old man have a pokégear conversation. The old man expresses concern for Wally, but Norman responds that Wally must pass this, or there is nothing more to say. Norman sharply reminds the old man that he is supposed to contact Scott, not spy on Norman. The old man does so.

In Sky Pillar, Wally's Pokémon fend off wild Pokémon as he speeds across the floors. Wally pulls up his oxygen mask as he breathing grows labored and continues on.

On the forty-ninth floor, Wally is attacked by a Dusclops, but he trusts Treecko to save him. Treecko evolves into Grovyle and defeats Dusclops with Leaf Blade.


The fiftieth floor is the final floor, and Wally collapses in exhaustion. Norman approaches him and tells him to take off the oxygen mask. Wally does so and is surprised to realize that he can breathe more deeply than before. Norman reveals that training so hard in such thin air has strengthened Wally's lungs, and made Wally stronger person. Norman gives Wally his Flygon.

As he watches Wally celebrate with his Pokémon, Norman thinks grimly that Wally's adventures had only just begun: there is a Pokémon on the rooftop of Sky Pillar. Wally has an essential mission to accomplish, and will join Ruby and Sapphire in the deciding battle of Hoenn.

Chapter 240

Chapter 242

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Norman and his Flygon
  2. Wally and his Pokémon
  3. Mirage Island Man
  4. Wild Shuppet, Duskull, Baltoy, Banette, Claydol, and Dusclops
  5. Rayquaza (silhouette, imagination)
  6. Ruby and Sapphire (imagination)

Locations Visited

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