Chapter 240: VS Treecko is the 60th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

In Pacifidlog Town, an old man sighs that he still cannot see Mirage Island. A sudden lurch in the seas sends him tumbling out of the window, but a Kecleon jumps out and saves him. The man thanks Wally for the help, and Wally, coughing, reminds him that they have to seek shelter from the storm.

Wally reveals that he and the man met in the hospital in Verdanturf Town, where the man offered to bring him to a place where he can recuperate even better: Pacifidlog Town. Along the way, Wally captured two new Pokémon: Roselia and Cacturne.

Wally and the old man set off in a raft to get to shelter.

Wally suddenly notices Ruby's Ralts's horns glowing, making Wally apologize, telling Ralts that if he could, he'd return her to Ruby, but he had no idea how to find Ruby. He worries about Ruby's wellbeing.

Spotting a pokéball, adrift in a bag in the sea and about to be lost to a wave, Wally has his Cacturne use Needle Arm to pin the bag to a nearby rock, narrowly missing shattering the pokéball in the process. Wally retrieves the bag and releases a Treecko, and, seeing his ill health, asks Roselia to Aromatherapy and Grasswhistle on him to heal and put him to sleep.

A mysterious voice, emanating from behind a veil of seawater, admits to being impressed and asks Wally why endanger Treecko's life by using Needle Arm. Wally is alarmed but he notices Ralts's horns glowing, and thinking that the person might be someone Ralts knows, Wally answers that he trusts his Pokémon.

The veil of water passes, revealing none other than Norman. Norman is pleased to see Ruby's Ralts in good health, and the old man is pleased to see Norman, revealing that Norman had specifically asked him to keep an eye on Wally's skills. Wally demands to know what is going on, and Norman tells Wally that he's changed his mind: Wally had once asked Norman to train him, but Norman had refused that request.[1] Now he has changed his mind, and will train Wally.

Chapter 239

Chapter 241

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Mirage Island Man
  2. Wally
  3. Wally's Pokémon, including Ruru
  4. Ruby (memory)
  5. Treecko
  6. Norman and his Flygon

Locations Visited


  1. Pokémon Adventures: Chapter 186

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