Chapter 235: VS Kyogre & Groudon III is the 55th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Deep underground, Groudon lets out a burst of energy. In Fortree, Sapphire is horrified to see leaves drying out and the river evaporate.

Also in Fortree, the gym leaders have just received news of Kyogre's tsunamis. Brawly starts to run off, intending to go to the flooded Dewford, but he is called back. The director tells them that there is a second source of energy and that the two weather phenomena will clash in the center of Hoenn.

He sends Roxanne and Brawly to the drought-stricken (Groudon) areas and Wattson and Flannery to the flooded (Kyogre) areas to escort civilians to safety in New Mauville and battle the attacking legendary. Winona is to direct the gym leaders through pokégears, and gym leaders are also to carry a great ball.

The gym leaders split up. Winona and Sapphire go to Route 123, where the weather forces meet in bizarre ways. Spotting wild water-type Pokémon stranded in searing heat, Sapphire goes to help them. She finds a strange injured fish, a Pokémon species she can't recognize, and reasons that it must be from the deep ocean.

At that moment, Winona realizes an enormous wave is coming, threatening to crash over Sapphire.

Chapter 234

Chapter 236

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Groudon
  2. Sapphire
  3. Hoenn Director
  4. Roxanne
  5. Brawly
  6. Wattson
  7. Flannery
  8. Winona
  9. Brawly's Machoke and Roxanne's Graveler
  10. Wattson's Manectric and Flannery's Magcargo
  11. Winona's Altaria and Sapphire's Tropius
  12. Citizens of Hoenn
  13. A wild Magikarp, Chinchou, and Gorebyss
  14. A Relicanth

Locations Visited

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