Chapter 232: VS Whiscash is the 52nd chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

At the Lilycove City Aqua Hideout, Archie's grunts report to him that the rising sea level has caused tsunamis at Slateport City, Littleroot Town, and Dewford Town. At that moment, the Kaien I surfaces, and both Mitch and Maxie emerge.

Ark, supported by Amber, approaches Archie, but Archie has his Walrein attack Ark. Archie tells Ark that he will not be granted the privilege of coming, not because of his injuries, but because of his failure to stop Sapphire at Mt. Chimney. Archie declares that he will decide Ark's punishment later, but in the mean time, Amber will be coming with Archie on the Kaien I. Mitch remarks to Maxie how scary they are.

Archie, Amber, and some Aqua grunts board the Kaien I, where Archie hands the key component to Maxie, who in turn hands it to a mechanic grunt. With that, they set off for the bottom of the sea.

Meanwhile, Wallace is horrified at the flooding in Slateport. He immediately lets out his Pokémon, who begin to save drowning people, but Wallace decides to look for Ruby.

Ruby is at the contest hall, where despite the flood (and high water level within the building itself) there are still contests. He has earned all the hyper rank ribbons except for the beauty segment. Ruby is distracted, harassed by his memory of Sapphire yelling at him. He irritably enters Feebas into the beauty segment, knowing since there are no other contestants, Ruby is sure to win.

However, a mystery contestant suddenly appears and easily outdoes Ruby. Ruby takes it out on Feebas, screaming that she can't do anything and that he never should have made her a part of his team. Feebas begins to cry and the mystery contestant reveals himself to be a very displeased Wallace. Ruby demands if he thinks it's funny to follow Ruby all this way just to make sure that he fails.

Wallace dunks Ruby in water and reprimands him for blaming his Pokémon for Ruby's own mistakes. He also points out that Ruby should be thinking of only one thing right now: his Feebas.

Ruby, panicking and guilty, shouting apologies, realizes that Feebas has fled.

Chapter 231

Chapter 233

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Citizens and Pokémon of Slateport City
  2. Archie and his Walrein
  3. Mitch
  4. Maxie
  5. Team Aqua grunts
  6. Team Magma grunts
  7. Wallace
  8. Wallace's Seaking, Whiscash, and Luvdisc
  9. Contest announcer
  10. Swimmer and his Staryu
  11. Ruby
  12. Ruby's Delcatty, Mightyena, Castform, and Swampert
  13. Contest register
  14. Sapphire (memory)
  15. Ruby's Feebas

Locations Visited

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