Chapter 230: VS Walrein is the 50th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

In Lilycove City, the director of Hoenn TV, Archie, waves goodbye to the security guard as he leaves work. As he approaches his car, he hears a voice calling Team Aqua out on their recent activity. Archie sends out his Walrein, and Maxie and his Camerupt reveal themselves.

Maxie bitterly accuses Archie of manipulating the public through the press, making sure that Team Magma gets plenty of negative coverage while Team Aqua is beneath the radar; Maxie says that Team Magma is having difficulty operating with so many people on the lookout for them. Maxie proceeds to attack Archie when Archie tells him that's what he gets for not using his brain.

Camerupt and Walrein clash. Walrein gets its powerful tusks stuck near Camerupt's back, enabling Camerupt to send Walrein flying with a close-range Eruption.

Meanwhile, Maryann and Tyler are driving to confront their boss (Archie) about the deliberate concealment of Mt. Chimney's condition and the consequential drop in sea level. They come upon Maxie and Archie's battle in time to overhear Maxie make Archie an offer: Team Magma has the Kaien I, Team Aqua has the key component that will let it reach the Seafloor Cavern. Why not work together, as both teams want to go there? Archie agrees to call a temporary truce.

Listening in, Maryann and Tyler are devastated.

Chapter 229

Chapter 231

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Archie
  2. Archie's Walrein
  3. Maxie
  4. Maxie's Camerupt
  5. Maryann and Tyler

Locations Visited

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