Chapter 23: Make Way for Magmar! is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

In Viridian City, two people have begun to discuss the fact that the Viridian City gym leader, Giovanni, has been away for awhile.

Meanwhile, Red and Giovanni emerge from the entrance of Diglett's Cave in Pewter City, having just finished looking for Pokémon fossils. The two proceed to take the stones they have to Pewter City for examination, and Red states that Giovanni looks familiar to him, though Giovanni responds by saying they never met before. Red decides that Giovanni must be familiar because Red considers every Pokémon fan to be a friend of his, and Giovanni responds that though he is only a Pokémon researcher, he wishes he could be a great trainer like Red.

Red immodestly agrees, boasting of the gym leaders and Team Rocket admins he'd defeated; unnoticed by Red, this puts Giovanni on edge. Giovanni realizes that it is unnaturally hot and deduces that the heat has been produced by two Magmar. Moments later, this is confirmed by Red, who spots two Magmar burning down the Pewter City museum. Red warns Giovanni to stay back and quickly charges into battle. Giovanni observes Red from a distance.

Red sends out his Snorlax as a shield, figuring that Snorlax can heal himself as he sleeps. Giovanni watches Red fumble around for a plan and Giovanni decides that Red has courage but no strategy: not a threat to him.

Red summons his Sandshrew and orders it to use Sand-Attack on the Magmars' fire. Giovanni then comes to the conclusion that Red's inventiveness is why he's won so many times, and notices that the Magmar only got angrier when Red's Sandshrew used Sand-Attack. Red then commands Sandshrew to run in a circle around the Magmar, whipping up sand and burying them in it.

Realizing that Red is fast to adapt and definitely has the potential to be a threat, Giovanni pulls out a pokéball to deal with Red right now. But he sees Red return Sandshrew, and when Giovanni demands an explanation—the Magmar aren't unconscious yet, just immobilized—Red explains that he won't attack Pokémon who can't attack back. Giovanni chuckles to himself.

Because the museum is ruined, they decide to split up. Giovanni gives Red a farewell gift, and they part on good terms.

With Red gone, Giovanni sneers, commenting that Magmar are savage and intelligent; they persistently track down those who attack them, intent on revenge. As Giovanni stands there, the Magmar break out of their sand prison and attack Giovanni; in a flash, his Cloyster freezes them where they stand.

As Giovanni walks away, he tells Cloyster to finish them. Pieces of ice, with pieces of the Magmar within, scatter.

Giovanni says that when he'd heard of Red's victory over Koga and Lt. Surge, he'd wanted to check Red out for himself. Giovanni's jacket blows back, revealing a certain "R" on his shirt. Giovanni says that Red does not stand a ghost of a chance against Team Rocket.

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Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Viridian City citizens
  2. Giovanni
  3. Red
  4. Red's Pikachu
  5. Koga and his Rhydon and Lt. Surge and his Electabuzz (memory)
  6. Two Magmar
  7. Red's Snorlax
  8. Red's Sandshrew (debut)
  9. Giovanni's Cloyster (debut)

Locations Visited


  • This chapter is the first to include the actual killing of characters, namely the two Magmars.
    • Unless you count the "death" of Koga's Arbok in Chapter 14, where it is literally cut in half but is later revealed to have survived.

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