Chapter 228: VS Grumpig II is the 48th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Sapphire looks around at the unconscious Grumpig, realizing aloud the extent of Ruby's strength as she notices that he aimed specifically for their weak spot, their pearls. Ruby makes a feeble attempt at confusion, asking his Mightyena what came over her, but Sapphire isn't taking any more of his lies.

Sapphire sends out her Lairon, who is efficiently knocked away by Mightyena and Ruby. Sapphire demands again to know why Ruby has lied and hidden his strength, but Ruby does not answer. Sapphire puts that aside and tells him that he can help the gym leaders against Teams Aqua and Magma like she is, but Ruby tells her he's not interested in protecting Hoenn; after all, he's not even from Hoenn. He only is interested in winning contests.

Sapphire, furious, recounts all of Aqua's and Magma's misdeeds, telling him that she's put off her challenge to the gyms, but Ruby is unmoved by her passion and tells her that he intends to return to Johto, anyway, so he doesn't care about what happens in Hoenn. He says this to her over his shoulder, about to walk off.

Sapphire, hurt and offened by his self-centered, blasé attitude, rips off the clothes he made for her, telling that she had actually thought that he wasn't too bad a person. She thrusts the letter he had left for her with the clothes, telling her that she would look nice in them, and then crumples the note in her fist. She hurls the clothes at him and demands to know what he trained for, if he refused to use his skills to help people.

The two walk away from each other, deeply upset.

Back in Fortree City, Winona asks Roxanne and Brawly if they injured from the earthquake, but the two gym leaders are throwing a fit because Winona did not consult them about allowing Sapphire to work with them. Roxanne snaps that she'll be sure to call for a vote when Tate and Liza arrive. Winona, worried, wonders where the two missing gym leaders are.

Tate and Liza are at Mt. Pyre, where their Pokémon have sensed an evil presence. They go in, searching out the intruder as is fitting as their duty as the secret guardians of Mt. Pyre. They find a hooded Team Magma man in a room rippling with heat from the pyres. The man declares that he has come for the Blue and Red Jewels, which he has tracked here with the scanner.

Another Team Magma figure appears and they engage in a double battle against Tate and Liza.

Chapter 227

Chapter 229

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby
  2. Sapphire
  3. Unconscious wild Grumpig
  4. Ruby's Mightyena
  5. Sapphire's Lairon
  6. Winona
  7. Brawly
  8. Roxanne
  9. Liza
  10. Tate
  11. Tate's Solrock
  12. Liza's Lunatone
  13. A wild Banette and Dusclops
  14. Mack's illusionary Team Magma members and Slugmas

Locations Visited

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