Chapter 227: VS Grumpig I is the 47th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

After Ruby exits Wallace's car, Sapphire slaps him very hard on the back, revealing to Winona that he is her rival and she asks Ruby what he's doing at a gym leaders' meeting.

Realizing his father could be there, Ruby freaks and hides before noticing that Norman isn't present. A moment later, Ruby realizes that Wallace is the gym leader of Sootopolis City, which is confirmed by Winona moments later.

Winona informs the group that the emergency level is still 7 and that they are to remain at hand in Fortree while they wait for word from Tate and Liza.

When the group splits up, Wallace tells Ruby that he knows he's the son of a gym leader, which makes Ruby sheepish. Wallace notices the unusual humidity and leaves, intending to investigate at a higher altitude and wondering if this is another effect of Mt. Chimney's death. He leaves Ruby with nothing to do.

Meanwhile, Winona is holding a battling lesson with Sapphire, but she has to leave to take a call. She leaves Sapphire with nothing to do, so Sapphire goes to talk with Ruby. She is excited when she recognizes his Castform as the same Castform who helped her against Team Aqua, and she and Ruby crowd together as they coo over how cute Castform is.

Noticing how close their faces are, they jump apart, Ruby demanding to know if Sapphire intends to start another quarrel. Sapphire, realizing for the first time that she does start a lot of their arguments, apologizes. Ruby, caught off-guard, smirks that she actually sounds like a girl now. This angers Sapphire, who says that she is a girl and it's natural for her to think fondly of someone.

At that moment an earthquake occurs, startling wild Spoink and Grumpig into a panicked stampede. Sapphire gets knocked down by one and is about to be trampled over when Ruby unleashes his Mightyena, taking all the Grumpig out easily.

Sapphire stares at him in shock, realizing shakily that he's been this strong all along.

Chapter 226

Chapter 228

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby
  2. Sapphire
  3. Wallace
  4. Winona
  5. Flannery
  6. Wattson
  7. Roxanne
  8. Brawly
  9. Tyler (memory)
  10. Wallace's Seaking
  11. Ruby's Mightyena, Marshtomp, Castform, and Delcatty
  12. Wallace's Luvdic
  13. Sapphire's Blaziken
  14. Winona's Altaria
  15. Wild Spoink and Grumpig

Locations Visited


  • Chapter 227 is the first chapter of Volume 19

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