Chapter 225: VS Anorith & Lileep is the 45th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

The crowd votes overwhelmingly for Wallace's win. Ruby is gasping in the face of his loss. Wallace's cheerleaders watch Ruby anxiously, unsure of his reaction, and are shocked when he begs Wallace to take him on as a disciple.

Wallace declines and leaves in his car with his cheerleaders for Professor Starstone's lab, but Ruby chases the car with his Running Shoes. Spotting several bags for volcanic ash, Ruby volunteers to gather it for him.

They arrive at Professor Starstone's lab, where Maryann and Tyler are thinking about the assistants' words about Kyogre and Groudon. They are suprised to see Ruby. Ruby catches sight of an Anorith and Lileep inside an aquarium cage and comments that they are scary, causing Tyler to remind him that he's a gym leader's son.

Wallace, overhearing this, decides to test Ruby by having his Luvdisc unleash the Anorith and Lileep. Under the cover of chaos, Ruby pulls out a pokéball and gives the two fossil Pokémon a threatening, menacing look, emphasizing his likeness to Norman. The two Pokémon, intimidated, immediately calm.

Wallace tells Ruby he's changed his mind: Ruby can come with Wallace, but Wallace doesn't know what to teach him, if anything. Ruby is ecstatic, causing Tyler to remark to Maryann that he's never seen Ruby this happy. Maryann, however, is asking one of the research assistants why the rising sea level has not been reported and made public knowledge; the man throws a fit and says that it's the media who are withholding information on this possible threat, not them.

Now grim, Maryann and Tyler call their boss. (Little do they know, but their boss is the leader of Team Aqua, Archie.) Archie tells them that the information about the sea level is being kept secret in order to prevent hysteria, and he orders them to focus solely on Team Magma.

Maryann and Tyler split off from Ruby, who is going to Fortree City with Wallace. The two are flying in Wallace's car when Ruby spots something lurking below them.

Chapter 224

Chapter 226

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Wallace and his Luvdisc
  2. Fallarbor crowd and Wallace's cheerleaders
  3. Ruby
  4. Ruby's Marshtomp, Mightyena, Castform, and Delcatty
  5. Maryann and Tyler
  6. Kyogre and Groudon (imagination)
  7. Professor Starstone's research assistants
  8. (Presumably) Professor Starstone's Anorith and Lileep
  9. Norman (memory/imagination)
  10. Archie
  11. Lilycove City news reporters
  12. Ruby's Feebas
  13. Mysterious shape

Locations Visited


  • Chapter 225 is the penultimate chapter of Volume 18

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