Chapter 223: VS Luvdisc I is the 43rd chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Maryann and Tyler give Ruby a lift to Fallarbor Town, where he can compete in the next rank of contests. Maryann, however, has an ulterior motive: she wants to get Ruby to talk about Team Magma. However, Ruby is stubbornly rebuffing her and claiming ignorance.

In order to force himself to not think about Marge and Team Magma, Ruby throws himself into preparing for his upcoming contests. Even when they hear that Mt. Chimney has died, Ruby sprints away to the contest hall, intent on not getting involved.

Tyler points out that both the recent earthquakes and the death of Mt. Chimney are related to nature, so while he and Maryann are in Fallarbor, they should visit the nature expert, Professor Starstone. They both rush off to find him.

Meanwhile, Ruby wins the super-rank contests in coolness, cuteness, intelligence, and toughness, but is too late to register for the beauty contest. Instead, he watches Wallace's performance in awe.

Chapter 222

Chapter 224

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby's Castform
  2. Tyler and Maryann
  3. Ruby
  4. Wallene and Riley (memory)
  5. Marge and her Ninetales (memory)
  6. Ruby's Marshtomp, Mightyena, and Delcatty
  7. Contest hall clerk
  8. Professor Starstone (memory)
  9. Contest crowd
  10. Ruby's Feebas
  11. Wallace and his Luvdisc, Seaking, Sealeo, and Whiscash

Locations Visited

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