Chapter 221: VS Loudred & Exploud II is the 41st chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Marge's invitation for Ruby to join Team Magma is interrupted by wild Loudred's and Exploud's Hyper Voice, throwing the two apart and threatening the tunnel's collapse.

Ruby catches sight of his injured, badly burned Pokémon and pulls a sweater on Marshtomp, seeing that Marshtomp's water is evaporating dangerously. Recognizing that he cannot defeat Marge like this, Ruby returns all his Pokémon except Marshtomp and orders Marshtomp to flee to safety, giving him their pokéballs.

Marge mocks him for a supposed display of "manly bravery" and attempted heroism, but Ruby counters that he abhors manliness and righteousness, and would never sacrifice himself like that. He brandishes his PokéBlock case, revealing that Marshtomp has one end of a string of yarn; the other end is attached to nearby rocks, and tied around Marge's wrist, trapping her. Ruby uses his PokéBlock case to ride the yarn like a zipline, arriving at where Marshtomp has taken refuge with Maryann, Tyler, Wallene, and Riley. Ruby then cuts the yarn, dropping Marge into the fires she had created.

Marge manages to survive. She receives a call from Mack, inquiring whether she'd found the Red Orb; Marge answers in negative and says she's lost interest in the mission, instead intending revenge. This isn't a problem, as Mack has finished modifying the scanner and it now picks up on the Orbs' location: Mt. Pyre.

36 days left until deadline

Chapter 220

Chapter 222

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Marge and her Ninetales
  2. Ruby
  3. Ruby's Pokémon: Feebas, Mightyena, Castform, Delcatty, and Marshtomp
  4. Tyler and Maryann
  5. Wallene and Riley
  6. Mack

Locations Visited

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