Chapter 220: VS Loudred & Exploud I is the 40th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Marge swoops down on her Swellow and snatches Ruby, flying him and his Marshtomp deep into Rusturf Tunnel. She introduces herself and challenges him to a battle, but is disappointed when Ruby only reacts defensively to her Ninetales's attacks.

She shows him the recording lighter, revealing that she knows what he is capable of. Realizing that hiding his skill is futile, Ruby unleashes all of his Pokémon to attack.

Meanwhile, Maryann, Tyler, Wallene, and Riley are trying to get past Team Magma grunts in order to follow Ruby into Rusturf Tunnel. They see wild Loudred and Exploud, who powerfully blast Team Magma away. They get into Maryann and Tyler's van and rush into the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Ruby is struggling against Marge. Ninetales can shoot a fireball from each of its tails, and his Marshtomp can't stop all of them. Marge reveals that each Fire (admin) of Team Magma has a specialty skill: Mitch's Torkoal can put opponents to sleep, Mack's Slugma can make illusions, but Marge herself prefers straightforward, beautiful destruction. She says that Ruby, who holds beauty so highly, should understand.

She lifts Ruby's chin and asks him to join Team Magma.

Chapter 219

Chapter 221

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby and his Marshtomp
  2. Marge and her Swellow
  3. Maryann and Tyler
  4. Wallene and Riley
  5. Team Magma grunts
  6. Marge's Ninetales
  7. Ruby's Mightyena, Castform, Feebas, and Delcatty
  8. Wild Whismur
  9. Two wild Loudred an an Exploud
  10. Mitch and his Torkoal (memory)
  11. Mack and his Slugma (memory)

Locations Visited

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