Chapter 22: A Hollow Victreebel is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

The Safari Zone staff try searching for Red, but are unable to find him. Worried out of his mind, Pikachu cries out for Red, hoping that he is safe.

The Victreebel that captured Red is moving further and further into the Zone, and while Red hasn't been eaten yet, it seems like he soon will be: the Victreebel is heading to a place with lots of Weepinbells and Bellsprouts, and Red can see that there are many more victims of the Victreebel. According to the guide, Red is to be food for the evolution ritual that they are about to begin. Though Red attempts to free himself, the guide tells Red that such an action would be a foolish one, and that a more strategic approach is needed. The guide then gets in idea as Red is searching through his things.

The evolution ritual requires for the Weepinbell to be asleep, so the robot Pidgey uses Red's PokéFlute to wake them up, and then Red flings his PokéDoll to distract them as he escapes. The robot Pidgey worries that the PokéFlute might have awakened other Pokémon, and as it turns out, it was right: the Nidoking from earlier find Red and the robot Pidgey, intent on revenge. However, the Victreebel and Weepinbell defend Red, believing that Nidoking is trying to steal their prey.

Now that the Victreebel has been weakened by Nidoking, Red throws his Safari Ball at it, catching it. He uses Victreebel to battle Nidoking, pinning Nidoking's arms with Vine Whip and then poisoning him with PoisonPowder. Now that Nidoking is hurt, Red successfully captures it with a pokéball.

However…the capture of Victreebel angered all of Victreebel's kin, and the capture of Nidoking angered all of the Nidoking…

The next day, the Safari Zone staff's search for Red finds Red's hat, which is identified by Pikachu. They fear the worst, but Red arrives, and much to the disbelief of the Safari Zone warden, Red has captured all of his attackers overnight.

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Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Safari Zone staff
  2. Red's Pikachu
  3. A wild Victreebel
  4. Red
  5. Robotic Pidgey
  6. A pack of wild Bellsprout and Weepinbell
  7. Wild Nidoking

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