Chapter 219: VS Whismur is the 39th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Ruby uses his Marshtomp to save Riley, showing off in the process. Riley and Wallene thank Ruby, and Riley remarks that something is very wrong; he explains that mechanic construction was halted in order to not disturb the wild Whismur of Rusturf Tunnel, so there should not have been a cave-in. Additionally, the Whismur are acting very strangely, and Riley notes that there have been many earthquakes in Hoenn recently.

The mention of the natural disaster reminds Ruby of Absol, but as he looks around, he can't spot him. The Whismur suddenly begin to screech, and Team Magma emerges, led by Marge. She remarks that she hadn't expected to find people here, but it didn't really matter.

Her grunts attack as she reflects that she is here to look for the Red Orb, which Team Magma needs in order to awaken Groudon—something they must do before Team Aqua awakens Kyogre.

A shout attracts her attention, and she sees Ruby, whom she suddenly recognizes. Deciding this calls for a change of plans, she unleashes her Swellow and prepares to attack Ruby.

Chapter 218

Chapter 220

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Maryann, Tyler, and Wallene
  2. Ruby's Marshtomp
  3. Ruby
  4. Riley
  5. Wild Whismur
  6. Marge, her Ninetales, Team Magma grunts, and Team Magma's Sandslash, Magcargo, and Magnemite
  7. Groudon (Marge's imagination)
  8. Archie, Angie, Ark, Amber, and Kyogre (Marge's imagination)
  9. Marge's Swellow

Locations Visited

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