Chapter 218: VS Absol is the 38th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Ruby is so distracted by his glimpse of Wally in the crowd that he zones out and almost misses his other contests. However, he wins all of them, and afterwards searches for Wally. He catches up to Wally just as Wally is about to board a bus, but then realizes that "Wally" is in fact a woman.

She reveals that she is Wally's cousin, Wallene. Inside of Maryann and Tyler's van, she tells Ruby that Wally is doing much better—partly because of the fresh air, but also because of his Pokémon—and she thanks him for it. She also mentions that Wally left Verdanturf only this morning, so if Ruby had arrived earlier, he would have been able to see Wally himself. (Which would be very good, as Wally currently possesses Ruby's Ralts).

At that moment, they hear on the news that there has been a cave-in at Rusturf Tunnel, where Wallene's fiancé (Riley) works. Maryann and Tyler rush to drive her to Rusturf, and en route Ruby sees Absol, the Disaster Pokémon. They arrive and discover that Riley is stuck inside the tunnel, behind boulders that the crew can't get past.

Ruby calls out Marshtomp to do the job.

Chapter 217

Chapter 219

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby
  2. Contest announcer
  3. Crowd
  4. Wally and Ruby's Ralts (memory)
  5. Maryann and Tyler
  6. Ruby's Pokémon
  7. Wallene
  8. Wally's Kecleon (memory)
  9. Hoenn TV news reporter
  10. Absol
  11. Tunnel workers
  12. Ruby's Marshtomp

Locations Visited

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