Chapter 217: VS Medicham is the 37th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

In the Desert Ruins on Route 111, Mitch reports the death of Mt. Chimney to Maxie, Marge, and Mack. Impatient, Marge makes to leave, but Maxie reminds her to "share her memories" with them first; images of Ruby flicker past. Maxie flings off his cloak, eager that now he can finally take part in the action.

Meanwhile, Ruby is competing in normal rank contests in Verdanturf Town. His Delcatty and Mightyena easily win their contests, prompting Maryann and Tyler to ask an interview from him; to his regret, Ruby has to turn them down, aware that any news on the missing boy would attract Team Magma's attention.

Ruby next participates in a beauty contest with his Feebas. While performing, Ruby sees his missing friend, Wally, in the crowd.

Chapter 216

Chapter 218

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Maxie
  2. Mitch
  3. Marge
  4. Mack
  5. Contest announcer
  6. Ruby and his Delcatty
  7. Verdanturf contest crowd and artist
  8. Ruby's Mightyena (drawing), Marshtomp, Feebas, and Castform
  9. Maryann and Tyler
  10. Mr. Stone (memory)
  11. Contestants' Tropius, Kadabra, Pelipper, Medicham, Barboach, Camerupt, and Altaria
  12. Wallene (mistaken for Wally)

Locations Visited

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