Chapter 216: VS Magcargo is the 36th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Seeing Mt. Chimney, apparently revived, makes Flannery jump with joy and hug Mitch. However, they see Mt. Chimney fade; clearly, the revival was only temporary. Mitch growls that he can't let Aqua get away with this and Hoenn needs more land. He compliments Flannery on her skill and leaves.

Meanwhile, below, Sapphire is waging a fierce battle against Team Aqua in total darkness. However, she realizes that she is has been fooled with Mirror Coat and has actually been fighting herself. Realizing that Aqua has escaped, she pounds the ground in frustration, finding a strange stone in the process.

Sapphire comes back up to the surfacing, reuniting with Flannery. Flannery confesses to Sapphire that she feels that she has failed in her role as gym leader, as she was unable to protect her volcano (and thus her town) from Team Aqua. The two find a hot spring, which is still hot due to Flannery's attempt to revive Mt. Chimney, and Sapphire decides to cheer Flannery up by relaxing in the hot spring with her.

While in the hot spring, Flannery asks Sapphire to battle her. Sapphire accepts gladly and they soon get quite into their battle—Sapphire's Combusken versus Flannery's Magcargo. Realizing how intense they have become, they look at each other and burst into giggles.

Flannery resolves to not be defeated by one setback. She tells Sapphire that she will warn the rest of the gym leaders about "the team in blue." Sapphire, in turn, resolves to defeat Team Aqua.

Before Sapphire takes off for Fortree City, Flannery tosses her the Heat Badge.

Chapter 215

Chapter 217

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Mitch
  2. Flannery
  3. Mitch's Swellow
  4. Sapphire,, her Combusken, and her Tropius
  5. Amber, Angie, and Team Aqua grunts (memory)
  6. Sapphire's Donphan
  7. Flannery's Magcargo

Locations Visited

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