Chapter 214: VS Pelipper I is the 34th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Angie and Professor Starstone descend from the air to the summit of Mt. Chimney, where they are greeted by a polite and humble Amber. Starstone praises the capability about the machine intended to stop Mt. Chimney's volcanic activities. Amber smiles and explains that, for unknown reasons, the sea level has been dropping, leading Team Aqua to take on the responsibility of protecting it and the life it supports. For that, they need Starstone's Meteorite to power the process of shutting down Mt. Chimney.

At that moment, a cable car carrying the unconscious Ark arrives. Amber and Angie feign horror, and Amber improvises, explaining that Team Aqua has powerful enemies who want to stop them. He claims that Ark's task was to negotiate with the enemy—though of course, Ark was really holding Flannery hostage to lure Sapphire in—and by setting Team Aqua up as the underdogs, he makes their mission seem more noble than ever. Starstone eats up his every word.

Angie urgently offers to bring Starstone to the machine, where he can insert the Meteorite, while Amber attempts to hold the enemy off for long enough. Amber gets onto his Pelipper and takes to the sky, where he encounters Sapphire and Flannery, flying on Sapphire's Tropius.

Sapphire tries to attack the machine, but Amber heads her off. After that, he pretends to fight badly, only dodging, putting on a show to convince Starstone he is in danger, and so should work quickly. Sapphire catches on that he's pretending to be unskilled, but before she can damage the volcanic machine, Starstone succeeds in starting it up with the Meteorite.

The machine "kills" Mt. Chimney, so that in Lavaridge Town the hotsprings grow cold, and so that ash stops coming out of Mt. Chimney.

Archie smirks.

The death of Mt. Chimney causes ancient beings to stir, little by little, deep below…

49 days left until deadline

Chapter 213

Chapter 215

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Angie and a Vibrava
  2. Professor Starstone and a Vibrava
  3. Amber
  4. Team Aqua personnel
  5. Amber's Pelipper
  6. Sapphire and her Tropius
  7. Flannery
  8. Residents of Lavaridge Town
  9. Archie

Locations Visited


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