Chapter 213: VS Azumarill II is the 33rd chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Ark's Sharpedo attacks Sapphire and Flannery; Sapphire sends out her Lairon to defend them. Lairon uses Iron Defense so that when Sharpedo chomps down on him, Sharpedo's fangs break. However, they immediately grow back.

Sapphire falls back, passing out from lack of air.

Meanwhile, on the top of Mt. Chimney, Amber remarks that it's been four minutes since Sapphire got into the cable car with Ark; by now, Sapphire should be dead. Amber has finished his work on Mt. Chimney's summit, so he pulls out his pokégear and contacts Angie. Angie reports that everything is going smoothly on her end. She has found Professor Starstone, who has found the Meteorite.

Ark hears Angie's news over their communication system, but a few moments later, he hears the sound of water draining: Sapphire has used one of Sharpedo's fangs to puncture the window of cable car, unleashing a torrent of water. In fact, Sapphire reveals, that had been her plan all along. Her Lairon then knocks out Ark and his Pokémon with Take Down.

Sapphire takes ahold of Flannery and jumps out of the cable car, landing neatly on the ground with Flannery on her back. Sapphire removes Flannery's gag, and Flannery immediately apologizes for telling Team Aqua about Sapphire, and she concedes that Sapphire is truly a superb trainer. (Sapphire blushes.)

Flannery looks up Mt. Chimney and declares that she needs to protect. Sapphire says she has to help to, and she whistles, summoning her Tropius so that they could fly up Mt. Chimney.

Chapter 212

Chapter 214

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Sapphire
  2. Flannery
  3. Ark's Sharpedo
  4. Ark
  5. Sapphire's Lairon
  6. Ark's Azumarill
  7. Amber and Team Aqua grunts
  8. Angie and her Vibrava
  9. Professor Starstone
  10. Sapphire's Tropius

Locations Visited


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