Chapter 212: VS Azumarill I is the 32nd chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Flannery defeats her 149th challenger, impressing Winona, who praises Flannery and warns her that there is a hot shot trainer who has been working her way through the league. Flannery runs off to train, determined not to lose to Sapphire. However, she is seen by Angie and Amber of Team Aqua, who, upon realizing she knows of Sapphire, kidnap Flannery.

Elsewhere, Sapphire looks up at Mt. Chimney. She sees the gagged Flannery imprisoned in one of the cable cars going up it. Ark, guarding Flannery, thanks Flannery for telling them that Sapphire is on her way to Lavaridge for her gym battle.

Sapphire's Donphan propels her up into the cable car; Sapphire demands if Ark thought he was too high up for Sapphire to reach, to which Ark responds that he wanted her to jump up because he won't let her off easy this time. Sapphire says that she won't let him off easy, declaring that he'd pay for using an innocent person as bait.

Sapphire's Combusken attacks Ark's Azumarill, who blasts Combusken with water. Azumarill blasts Sapphire with water, slamming her into the wall of the cable car. Azumarill begins to fill the cable car with water, intending to drown Sapphire and Flannery. Azumarill puts a bubble of air around Ark's head, allowing him to breathe. He unleashes his Sharpedo to end it.

At the top of Mt. Chimney, Amber is supervising a drilling project to put an end to volcanic activity.

Chapter 211

Chapter 213

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Flannery and her Magcargo
  2. Unknown challenger and his Trapinch
  3. Winona (videophone)
  4. Roxanne, Brawly, and Wattson (memory)
  5. Angie
  6. Amber
  7. Team Aqua's Ludicolo and Carvanha
  8. Sapphire and her Donphan, Lairon, and Combusken
  9. Ark and his Azumarill and Sharpedo

Locations Visited

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