Chapter 211: VS Slaking III is the 31st chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Months before the opening of the RS Arc, Norman held a telephone conversation with his wife in which he confided to her that he was willing to allow Ruby to participate in contests because he wants Ruby to mature. Norman tells her that he'd rather Ruby did battles, as he has even more skill in battle than Norman himself has, but Ruby could do what he wanted with his life.

Back in the present, Norman catches a pipe, breaking his and Ruby's fall. Ruby stares at the ground, realizing that letting go now means impaling themselves on the broken pipes and tree trunks below: certain death. Rain makes their hands slippery, so Norman calls for Castform to use Sunny Day, drying the water up so that they have a better grip on each other.

The pipe suddenly snaps, plunging Norman and Ruby towards their deaths. Feebas bursts out of her pokéball and fruitlessly attempts to help Ruby, who spontaneously nicknames her Mimi. Norman tells Ruby to use his Running Shoes, which are special, mechanized shoes that enable incredibly fast running. They propel Ruby and Norman to the side, into bushes rather than sharp pipes. After realizing that the shoes Norman gave him for his birthday just saved his life, Ruby passes out.

The swimmer, Maryann, and Tyler, who are watching from a distance, see Norman stand and raise a pokéball, threatening. Horrified, they think Norman is about to attack Ruby.

Suddenly, Norman's Pokégear rings. It is a call from Winona, Norman's superior, who is flying overhead. In her own elegant way, she is upset at the damage Norman caused to the Weather Institute and even more upset that he had abandoned his gym. Flannery is with her, as Flannery is also in trouble for leaving her gym. Winona orders Norman to go with her.

Before leaving, Norman tells Ruby that he had better accomplish his goal to conquer Hoenn's contests, acknowledging Ruby as a "man." Norman returns Ruby's PokéBlock case to him and tells him to call his mother sometimes. Norman then leaves.

Their audience is touched at the father-son moment, despite the fact that Ruby is borderline catatonic and barely aware of Norman. As, the swimmer, Maryann, and Tyler load Ruby into the reporters' van, Ruby smiles a little, mentally thanking his father. Maryann and Tyler get into the front seats and they drive away.

The swimmer waves them off, and then suddenly realizes he forgot to pester Ruby about possibly breeding Feebas for him so that the swimmer could get rich.

In the van, Ruby's Pokémon tuck him under a blanket. Castform watches them longingly, and, noticing this, Maryann tells Castform that she can travel with Ruby if she wants. Tyler objects, as Castform isn't theirs to give away, but Maryann suggests that they just keep traveling with Ruby: a double win, as they get to interview him about his encounter with the "gang in red" and keep an eye on the Devon President's Castform for him. Exasperated, Tyler gives up on reasoning with his partner.

Meanwhile, as Ruby slumbers peacefully, Sapphire approaches a volcano

55 days left until deadline

Chapter 210

Chapter 212

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Norman (memory, later real)
  2. Ruby's Mother (memory, later real)
  3. Ruby (memory, later real)
  4. Ruby's Skitty (memory)
  5. Norman's Slaking
  6. Castform
  7. Ruby's Feebas
  8. Ruby's Marshtomp
  9. Swimmer
  10. Maryann and Tyler
  11. Winona and Flannery
  12. Ruby's Mightyena and Delcatty
  13. Sapphire

Locations Visited


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