Chapter 210: VS Slaking II is the 30th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Location: Roof of the Weather Institute

Norman and his Vigoroth are bombarded by Ruby's Marshtomp's Mud Shot. Norman realizes that was Ruby's plan: distract and manipulate Norman with Delcatty and Mightyena while Marshtomp fed his Mud Shot through the pipes and channeled it to hit Norman.

Norman retaliates, his Vigoroth using Focus Punch to redirect the mud balls back at Ruby. Ruby, however, isn't too concerned: he has an endless supply of water and mud, so the advantage is his.

Down on the ground, the swimmer tells Maryann and Tyler about Norman and Ruby's intense battle; Maryann is horrified and asks Castform to stop them, believing that no family squabble is more important than helping Hoenn right now.

Back on the roof, Slaking tears the staircase from under Ruby's feet, resulting in mass chaos as Ruby scrambles for survival. Ruby ends up sliding down the stairs, bumpily plummeting inevitably to the glowering Slaking. Ruby grabs desperate for a pipe, hooking it through the bars of the stairs railing and anchoring the staircase.

There is a moment with no fighting.

Norman stretches his hand out to Ruby, asking him to stop being so stubborn and come quietly. Ruby snarls, swinging the pipe around to face Norman; below, Marshtomp channels Mud Shot through it, so the pipe shoots the mud at Norman like a cannon. But at that moment, Castform surges upward, using Sunny Day to make it so powerfully hot that the mud cracks and crumbles to dust before it hits Norman.

Father and son pant, squinting up at the bright sky. Suddenly the pipe gives out, the stairs they're on pitching forward to fall.

The scene cuts to Ruby's mother, sitting alone in Ruby's room in Littleroot Town. She looks sadly down at the crumpled birthday card from his father that Ruby had thrown away, wondering if Ruby had even read it before tossing it. She reveals that the reason they had moved to Hoenn on Ruby's birthday was because, as a birthday gift, Norman was going to give Ruby permission to travel Hoenn and challenge its contests.

Ruby is already near the end of the stairs, and with the jolt of the stairs falling, he starts to slide completely off. Norman shouts his name, sliding down to try to grab him—"Dad!" Ruby shouts and looks up to Norman desperately.

Chapter 209

Chapter 211

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Norman, his Vigoroth, and his Slaking
  2. Ruby and his Marshtomp
  3. Swimmer
  4. Maryann and Tyler
  5. Castform
  6. Ruby's Mother

Locations Visited

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