Chapter 21: Long Live the Nidoking! is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Upon happily entering the Fuchsia Safari Zone, Red meets his two robot Pidgey guides. Red leaves his Pokémon behind and rides a raft down a set of waterways, as are the rules of the Safari Zone. Red is extremely happy to be there, seeing all sorts of exotic and rare Pokémon, but then Red comes across two Nidokings fighting over a Nidoqueen. Red is worried about the danger, though the owner of the Safari Zone is quite pleased that Red is getting a kick out of the Safari Zone. Red is then told that the security is flawless and that he would be just fine.

Then Red gets an idea: he would capture one of the Nidokings with a pokéball he snuck into the Safari Zone. Unfortunately, the pokéball captures the Nidoqueen instead, enraging the Nidokings. They attack Red and completely trash the raft that Red is on.

Upon waking up, Red finds himself on the receiving end of much criticism by one of the robot Pidgeys. Red has to walk to the exit under the constant danger of Nidokings' vengeance. The robot Pidgey gives Red a Safari Ball to protect himself with by capturing Nidoking; Pidgey adds that Safari Balls are the only balls that can capture Safari Zone Pokémon, and Red's capture of Nidoqueen was a fluke.

One of the Nidokings finds him. Red tries and fails to use the aforementioned Safari Ball, with the Nidoking simply swatting it away. The Nidoking then proceeds to slash at Red and attack him with venomous attacks. Red attempts to weaken the beast by throwing a rock at it, but it simply angers Nidoking further, and Red is forced to go deeper and deeper into the Safari Zone.

The Safari Zone staff find the second robot Pidgey, which had been destroyed by the Nidokings' previous rampage. Red's Bulbasaur and Pikachu, whom he had left at the gate to the Safari Zone, look at each other with worried looks on their faces, greatly concerned for their friend.

The robot Pidgey manages to defend Red from an acidic attack meant to hit Red's leg. Red retaliates by throwing a sharp rock at the Nidoking's eye, which gives Red and the robot Pidgey enough time to flee. As it was becoming nighttime, Red is told by the robot Pidgey that Nidoking regards Red as a foe. Red then shows concern for the robotic guide, but the robot Pidgey simply tell Red that is nothing but a robot, and that Red should be thinking more about himself. According to the guide, the Safari Zone will get much more dangerous, and just after Red is told this, a Victreebel tries to make Red its dinner.

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Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red
  2. Robotic Pidgey guides
  3. Two wild Nidokings and a Nidoqueen
  4. Safari Zone staff
  5. Red's Bulbasaur and Pikachu
  6. A wild Victreebel

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