Chapter 209: VS Slaking I is the 29th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Maryann and Tyler are driving down the rain Route 119 when Mr. Stone's Castform, who has been in their care since his assault, starts throwing himself at the window of the car, trying to get out. He draws their attention to the roof of the Weather Institute, where Maryann recognizes Norman and the boy who challenged the "gang in red" in Slateport.

Norman is holding Ruby by the scruff dangerously near the edge of the roof. He punches Ruby in the face and sends him sprawling down the stairs leading to the roof. The swimmer runs up to Ruby, concerned, and tells Ruby to be less rebellious and just do what Norman wants. Norman's Slaking hurls Ruby into the air, and Ruby barely clings to the railing of the stairs, about to fall off.

Ruby realizes he has two choices: apologize to Norman, run from him, or fight him. He asks the swimmer not to watch and then runs at his father, having his Mightyena use Hyper Beam and his Delcatty use Iron Tail. Ruby shouts that he won't let Norman take him home and he will win at all the contests in Hoenn. Norman waves it and the attack off, snarling that he had been the one to teach Ruby's Pokémon those moves.

Ruby says that yes, Norman is familiar with Mightyena's and Delcatty's attacks…but not with Marshtomp's. Norman notices that the pipes and gutters along the roof are bursting with mud; Hyper Beam and Iron Tail had been distractions to manipulate Norman to be near the pipes. At that moment, the pipes explode with Mud Shot.

On the ground, Maryann realizes that there is a battle occurring. What's going on?!

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