Chapter 208: VS Zangoose & Seviper II is the 28th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Feebas protects Ruby from Zangoose and Seviper by using Light Screen and then Mirror Coat. Ruby and the swimmer flee and hide in the Weather Institute, which is derelict and deserted. Ruby and the swimmer talk, giddy about their luck, and Ruby reveals he used the PokéNav to find the Weather Institute and happily attributes their survival to it.

The swimmer is immediately angered, pointing out that it is thanks to Feebas that they got out of there. He points out Feebas's affection and loyalty to Ruby and says that Ruby should keep it; Ruby is, of course, aghast at the idea of keeping such an ugly Pokémon. He protests, saying that the swimmer is the one who wanted Feebas in the first place.

The swimmer insists Ruby take it, thinking slyly that Ruby could breed Feebas for him (and thus make him rich).

Ruby's Marshtomp notices a PokéBlock tumbling down the stairs. He eats it happily and notices a trail of them leading down the hall and onto a balcony. Ruby follows Marshtomp into the rain, going up some outside stairs. Ruby pauses, noticing PokéBlocks on the steps. He bends down to pick one up and freezes as Norman appears behind him, arms crossed, expression cold.

Ruby can only stutter, asking what Norman is doing here. Norman responds that he can read Ruby's actions like a book: kids can't hide anything from their parents.

The swimmer wanders up the steps in time to see Norman hurl Ruby and Marshtomp into the wall. Startled, he asks what's going on.

Ruby says grimly that he is about to witness one of the most violent family quarrels ever.

Chapter 207

Chapter 209

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. A wild Zangoose and Seviper
  2. Ruby
  3. A wild Feebas
  4. Swimmer
  5. Ruby's Mightyena, Delcatty, and Marshtomp
  6. Swimmer's Staryu
  7. Norman

Locations Visited

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