Chapter 205: VS Electrike II is the 25th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summmary

Sapphire and Coil-Boy try to fight the haywire generator, but Sapphire finds that the generator is hampering her ability to run by producing an intense magnetic field to interfere with her sense of balance. Sapphire realizes that the rogue Donphan can sense changes in electrical fields, which was why he had been attacking people in the area above New Mauville, to prevent people from being harmed by the generator.

Wattson and Coil-Boy figure out that the generator has two main abilities: the ability to "absorb" electricity and the ability to "release" it, in that order. Sapphire realizes that the machine is vulnerable while it is absorbing energy.

Sapphire takes advantage of Wattson's Electrike's Lightning Rod to attract the generator's release while Donphan rams into the generator and Sapphire rescues Wattson from its grip. Sapphire high-fives Donphan's trunk in success.

Coil-Boy approaches the defeated machine to access its information and discover the inventor's identity. He finds out that the generator was built to play with children and that the inventor was Coil-Boy's ancestor, Konkonsai. They realize that New Mauville was built as an amusement park.

Donphan decides to join Sapphire, who nicknames him Dono. Wattson gives Sapphire the Dynamo Badge and Sapphire sets off.

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