Chapter 203: VS Donphan is the 23rd chapter of the RS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Sapphire thinks about the letter she has to deliver to Steven Stone; however, she has no way of finding out where he is. She decides to continue on her journey and keep an ear out for any news on Steven.

She reaches Mauville City but finds a strange patch of grass. She investigates it and suddenly it flips on her, leaving her dangling in darkness. She flips back onto the ground and finds herself surrounded by robots, which are attacking her. A big robot catches her and her Pokémon, causing Wattson and Coil-Boy to celebrate, believing that they had captured a rogue Donphan bothering Mauville.

Sapphire gets out of the robot and they realize they did not capture the Donphan. Sapphire mentions the strange grass she'd found and Wattson and Coil-Boy realize that she has accidentally found the lost entrance to New Mauville.

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Chapter 204

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Locations Visited

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