Chapter 202: VS Slugma II is the 22nd chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


The President of the PokéFan Club exclaims that the Kaien I is going underwater. Inside the submarine, Ruby and Mack are battling, Mack wondering why Ruby would hide his true abilities.

Outside of the Kaien I, Captain Stern and Tuga tell the President that the key component missing from the Kaien I has already been made by the Devon Corporation and has gone MIA after the attack on Mr. Stone.

Battling with Ruby, Mack reveals his illusionary abilities, telling a story of a little, poor girl who had had nothing but a matchstick. She lit it and within its flame she saw an illusion. He causes Ruby to see a hallucination of his worst memory—a memory of Norman's rejection when Ruby was a child. Mack wonders what Ruby saw, imagining the mental devastation he has gone through. Ruby shouts that his worst memory is a memory that motivates him. He has Marshtomp use Earthquake, potentially harming the Kaien I and drowning.

Ruby returns Marshtomp and pauses before escaping in the escape pod: he has to have the last word. He reminds Mack that Ruby had known that Mack's Slugma likes green PokéBlocks. He says that a better question would have been why Mack couldn't tell, emphasizing Mack's uncaring attitude towards his Pokémon.

As he sits in the escape pod, safe, Ruby says sadly that it had been Norman who had taught Ruby to recognize a Pokémon's nature.

Underwater, Mack steers the Kaien I into deeper water, declaring that soon they would recover the missing part and could go to the Cave of Origin.

Chapter 201

Chapter 203

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby
  2. Ruby's Marshtomp
  3. Mack's Slugma
  4. Mack
  5. President of the PokéFan Club
  6. Imaginary matchstick girl
  7. Norman and his Slaking (hallucination)

Locations Visited

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