Chapter 201: VS Slugma is the 21st chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Mack tosses Ruby and the President of the PokéFan Club into a locked room of the shipyard. Little does Mack know, but Ruby is conscious. The action of falling onto the floor triggers Marshtomp's pokéball. Ruby and the President eavesdrop through a glass part of the door.

Ruby recognizes the Team Magma symbol on Mack's uniform. He realizes that neither Mitch nor Marge had seen his face, thus meaning that there was no way for them to recognize Ruby. He resolves to avoid further trouble with them.

The President realizes that Mack is interrogating Captain Stern. Mack holds Stern up by his neck, choking him; the President suggests that Ruby take this moment to show off his expertise as a cool trainer, to which Ruby sharply replies that the President do it, then. Their argument is interrupted when Mack slams Stern against the locked door, denting it.


Kaien I

Mack questions Stern about a crucial, but missing, part of the Kaien I, the submarine that Stern designed. Mack flicks a switch, causing the Kaien I to surface. Stern refuses to answer, even after Mack lifts him into the air by his throat, choking him. It is only when Mack's Slugma burns Stern's friend and business associate, Tuga, that Stern cracks. He tells Mack that the Kaien I is missing a component from the Devon Corporation.

Mack calls up Mitch and Marge, telling them to stop searching for the mechanical part. Stern, having complied, asks that Mack let Tuga go; Mack flips, telling Stern that Mack is in charge, and he goes to throw Stern in the locked room, but Ruby and the President tumble out.

Mack decides that he can't afford to let Ruby and the President go after they heard all that. Mack's Slugma attacks Ruby, chasing him, and Ruby runs around, pleading and promising Mack to tell no one what he heard. He and Marshtomp duck into the Kaien I, Slugma pursuing.

Mack, realizing that Slugma is out of his control range, follows them. He notices green PokéBlocks and realizes that Ruby deliberately dropped them—somehow knowing that Slugma likes them, as according to its calm nature—to lure Slugma (and thus Mack) into the Kaien I, where no one could see.

Ruby initially feigns ignorance, pretending he had done no such clever thing, but when it's clear that Mack isn't buying it, Ruby adopts a combat-ready, alert stance, Marshtomp by his side.

Mack wonders who exactly Ruby is.

60 days left until deadline

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