Chapter 20: Meanwhile… Vileplume! is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

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Red bursts into Erika's gym, Eevee under his arm, shouting for Erika to explain this. He and Bill find the place empty, but Bill sees a scientific report titled "Eevee Reconstruction," which explains that Eevee was experimented on to be able to force its evolutions into all three elemental forms; this was done in order to become a powerful weapon, Erika explains as she appears. She offers Red a gym battle, but Red is furious, shouting that after all she's done to the poor Eevee, he doesn't want her badge.

Erika sends out her three Pokémon—Vileplume, Bellsprout, and Tangela —so Red sends out Pikachu, Ivysaur, and Poliwrath.

Bellsprout defeats Ivysaur with Vine Whip, hurling him away, so Red attacks it with Poliwrath's DoubleSlap. Bellsprout retaliates with Mimic, slapping back. Red is forced to switch Poliwrath out, now sending out Pikachu, his last Pokémon. Erika withdraws Bellsprout and uses Vileplume, who defeats Pikachu easily with Petal Dance.

Red is stunned and crestfallen, realizing that he has lost. Erika tells him that she will battle him again when he stronger, and since he has already earned her respect, he won't need to perform some special task next time, like retrieving Eevee.

Reminded of Eevee, Red looks to the healing machine where Eevee, tucked into his pokéball, is resting. Erika tells him that Eevee's wounds are fatal, and as soon as he is released from his pokéball, Eevee will die. The best thing to do would be to just get it over with, rather than prolong Eevee's death, Erika says. She jumps off the field to approach the healing machine.

Red is shocked and upset, saying that experimenting on Pokémon and then killing them if the experiment fails is absolutely sick. Red realizes that if he doesn't stop her, Erika will just keep on doing this to more Pokémon. His shout encourages Pikachu to use Substitute, a second body rising from the first and attacking Vileplume; but while this Pikachu distracted Erika, the real Pikachu ran over to where Eevee's pokéball is, planting himself between Erika and Eevee, ready to defend Eevee.

Erika is happy and impressed. She praises Pikachu for his compassion and explains to Red that Eevee is perfectly healed; she was only testing him because she'd heard such good things about him from Brock and Misty. She goes on to explain that a few months ago, she had received word that this Eevee had escaped from Team Rocket, and thanks to Red, Eevee is now in safe hands. She tells Red that they need trainers of Red's calibre to stand up against Team Rocket, and she fixes the Rainbow Badge onto his shirt. Red immediately agrees to help.

A few days later, he and Eevee set off from Celadon City.

Little does he know, but a sinister woman on her Kadabra is watching.

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