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Chapter 2: Come Home, Bulbasaur! (also known as VS. Bulbasaur) is the 2nd chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokemon Adventures.


Red stands on the threshold of Professor Oak's laboratory, ringing the doorbell with no answer. He calls out, asking if anyone is home. He reaches for the doorknob only to find that it is unlocked. Peering inside, he sees shelves and shelves filled with more pokéballs and remarks that he's never seen so many Pokémon . Red notices a single pokéball sitting long on a table, picks it up, and peers inside at the small green Pokémon with a bud on its back.The name "Bulbasaur" is engraved on the pokéball. He picks up Poli's pokéball and holds it close to Bulbasaur's.


Red picks up Saur's pokéball

Bulbasaur gives a strained look. Red turns to see an enraged Professor Oak, storm into his lab and begin to snarl at a sputtering Red, calling him a Poké-Thief. Red stumbles backwards, knocking into a shelf filled with pokéballs, releasing all of the Pokémon. The professor shouts at Red to look at what he's done while Red continues to sputter. A pidgey flies over head and poops on Professor Oak's face. Steaming and seething with anger, Professor Oak shouts at Red to recapture all of the pokémon.


Oak pooped by Pidgey!

Later, both Red and Professor Oak lie panting after recapturing the Pokémon. Red asks how many more there are. The professor hopes in utter dismay that none had escaped while Red peers out of a broken window. Red rushes out of the lab, shouting over his shoulder that he'd get them all, only to be pulled back by Professor Oak, still calling him a Poké-Thief. Red calls back that he isn't a thief and that he is sorry for coming into the lab uninvited, but cries that he has to get all of the Pokémon back. 

The professor replies that it is too late and that it'll be dark before they find them all. Red breaks away from the professor's grasp and runs out again,


calling over his shoulder that they can't just give up. Outside the lab, Red's pace falters for a moment when he hears a bell ring behind him. Turning, he sees the professor on a bike riding up to him; he tells Red that he'd need help and that he wouldn't know where to look. As they run off together, the professor jokes to Red that after they get all the Pokémon back, then he'd turn him in.


In Viridian City, they corner a Meowth in the street and recapture it, saying that there is only one Pokémon left: Bulbasaur. The professor looks hesitant about facing the grass-type when Red points it out and races after the Pokémon fleeing into the Viridian Gym. As they enter the gym, Red passes the sign for the building with a long banner along the bottom which says "Closed." Inside the dark building, Red stares in curiosity at the statue of a man on a pedestal. Professor Oak spots Bulbasaur cowering in a corner and approaches it, coaxing it to return. The Pokémon responds with a sharp Tackle attack into the professor's stomach and receives a scolding.


Red steps in front of the professor, tells Bulbasaur not to be afraid, and sympathizes with it, saying that it must be the first time that Bulbasaur has been outside and it is natural for him to be nervous. He guesses that Bulbasaur has been kept separate from the other Pokémon in the lab, so the only other living creature that he'd seen was Professor Oak. Bulbasaur responds to Red's words and presses close against him. The professor looks on, bewildered. 


An angry growling noise makes them all freeze and turn around to see a raging, wild Machoke who goes on to attack Red and the professor. Bulbasaur stands its ground and attacks with its Vine Whip attack, winding its vines around the arm of the wild Machoke to defend Red.

Red whirls around in surprise and excitement and calls to Professor Oak to ask what Bulbasaur's other attacks were, only to see the professor knocked out against the wall. Sighing to himself, Red tries to make sense of what Bulbasaur might be able to do as Machoke breaks loose from Bulbasaur's Vine Whip attack. Red and Bulbasaur dodge quickly out of the way. Red stands up and leans against a door with a bit of sunlight flowing through it and gets an idea. Pulling apart the doors, he lets the sunlight in to shine on the back of Bulbasaur, letting him to charge his Solar Beam attack and go on to attack the Machoke, knocking it out.


Revived, Professor Oak asks Red if he'd known about Bulbasaur's Solar Beam prior to the attack. Red said he hadn't, but he had assumed that since Bulbasaur had a plant on its back, it could do something with the sunlight. The professor laughs and gives Bulbasaur to Red, saying that he'd already taking quite a liking to him. Red thanks him and goes on to set things straight that he didn't break into Oak's lab to steal Pokémon. He'd only wanted to become a better Pokémon trainer. He goes on to explain yesterday's events with the mysterious Pokémon in the Western Forest.

After Red finishes, the professor tells him that it isn't enough to just have one powerful Pokémon in his arsenal, and that what counts in being a great trainer is feeling a deep connection with Bulbasaur and his other Pokémon in order to become a great Pokémon trainer. He asks Red's name and then goes on to give him a pokédex, saying that by the time he'd recorded all of the data from the Pokémon he'd meet during his journey, he might become one of the greatest Pokémon trainers. Red stares back in awe.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red
  2. Saur
  3. Poli
  4. Professor Oak
  5. Laboratory Pokemon
  6. Wild Machoke
  7. Mew (flashback)

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