Chapter 199: VS Plusle and Minun II is the 19th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Sapphire, who has just been awakened by someone gloating creepily about the demise of the sea, gestures for her Wailord to hide by turning into a puddle. She creeps onto the jungle-like Abandoned Ship, where she sees the silhouettes of two admins of Team Magma, who are plotting to steal a mysterious device.

Marge suggests that Mitch go on by himself and she be a lookout. Mitch grabs Marge by the collar because he thinks she's giving him an order, and they flip a coin to decide who should go in and who should remain behind. Mitch ends up going in, as Marge had suggested, and Marge suddenly attacks Sapphire, having sensed her.

They have a brief and intense physical fight, Marge gouging her fingers in Sapphire's eyes and Sapphire booting Marge in the face. They then call out their Pokémon, Sapphire with Combusken and Lairon, and Marge with Ninetales. Sapphire screams in pain when she opens her eyes, and Marge explains that she's coated her gloves in berry juices for various effects; this juice was the ultra-spicy Tamato Berry, temporarily blinding Sapphire.

Without Sapphire's vision, Combusken and Lairon are beaten and burnt badly by Ninetales. Sapphire escapes by kicking up dust and vanishing. Worried about Ruby, who is on the ship Mitch ventured onto, she sets off to track him down.

Meanwhile, Ruby is in pursuit of a mischievous Plusle and Minun. He has detected a pattern to their movements: they are trying to lure him away from a peculiar door. Convinced that some rare kind of berry must be hidden behind it, Ruby is about to try and open the door when Mitch knocks him out from behind, thanking him for the tip. Mitch then proceeds to kick down the door and discover a scanner hidden there.

Sapphire, behind Mitch's back, has located Ruby. She grabs him, pulling him behind tree foliage. Ruby stirs, awakening, and immediately accuses Sapphire of being the one who hit him. She directs his attention to Mitch and Marge, who are meeting below. Marge asks Mitch if he's seen a girl (Sapphire), and Mitch shakes his head no, he's seen a boy (Ruby). Realizing that both have vanished, they get on their guard.
Above their heads, Ruby and Sapphire are trying to figure out what to do. Sapphire is determined to fight, but neither she nor Ruby have battle-ready Pokémon. Instead they team up with the wild Plusle and Minun, using Double Team to surround the Team Magma members and then, taking advantage of the complementary abilities Plus and Minus, use Spark. Ruby notices that despite their earlier games with him, Plusle and Minun are now waiting for his next command, tense. He also notices how Marge is so careful about holding the scanner.

His moment of distraction costs him. Mitch's Torkoal bats aside Minun and stomps on Plusle, effectively ending the battle. Mitch and Marge decide to dispose of Ruby and Sapphire here and now, so that they can't tell anybody about what Team Magma did here. However, improvising, Ruby threatens to throw the diary Plusle and Minun showed him into the water, claiming that the password to the scanner is in there.

They make a deal. Plusle in exchange for the diary.


Adios, pals!

Sapphire and Minun pounce on the opportunity, rescuing Plusle from Marge as well as knocking the scanner out of her hands with Spark. Ruby catches it, and Sapphire grabs him, hauling them over the edge and jumping onto her Wailord, waiting for them in the ocean.

As they ride away, safe, Ruby realizes that Marge tricked them. They didn't knock the scanner from her hands, only the casing for it.

Meanwhile, Marge and Mitch realize that they never properly saw Ruby's face.

68 days left until deadline

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Sapphire's Wailord
  2. Sapphire
  3. Mitch
  4. Marge
  5. Mitch's Swellow
  6. Marge's Swellow
  7. Sapphire's Combusken
  8. Sapphire's Lairon
  9. Marge's Ninetales
  10. Ruby
  11. Plusle and Minun
  12. Mitch's Torkoal
  13. Ruby's Mudkip, Mightyena, and Delcatty (in pokéballs)

Locations Visited

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