Chapter 198: VS Plusle and Minun I is the 18th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Ruby and Sapphire are on Sapphire's Wailord, surfing Route 108. Ruby is fawning over his Delcatty's fur, prompting a scornful comment from Sapphire, saying that he's a guy and a gym leader's son, so he should be doing battle training, not makeup. She demonstrates with her Combusken, practicing Double Kick.

Ruby yelps from a near miss and then makes a snide comment about her being a barbarian, infuriating Sapphire. Sapphire reveals she was doing field work for her father and then seethes over Ruby's ungratefulness for catching a ride with Sapphire. She hefts him over her shoulders and is about to throw him overboard, but Wailord rumbles a protest.

They catch sight of the Abandoned Ship, giving Sapphire an idea. She tosses him onto the ship, declaring that if she sleeps with a guy nearby, her dad will be upset with her. She waves him goodbye, shouting that he can come back on Wailord in the morning. Ruby is annoyed, of course, admitting as he walks that he has only stayed in hotels before this.

Ruby sees berries, and, excited, has Mudkip try to get some. Mudkip is instead whacked away, revealing a pair of trembling Plusle and Minun. Ruby's ire evaporates in the face of their cuteness, drawing an "is he kidding" deadpan look from Mudkip, emphasizing Ruby's hypocrisy as he lets Plusle and Minun off the hook because they are so cute. Plusle and Minun show Ruby a diary, which Ruby concludes is from a passenger of the Abandoned Ship, who also was Plusle and Minun's trainer. Ruby quickly pays for his earlier superficiality as the pair reveal themselves to be pranksters, feeding his Pokémon berries that make them confused.

Not so forgiving this time, Ruby gives chase.

Meanwhile, on Wailord, a sinister voice speaking of the ocean's doom stirs Sapphire from her sleep…

Characters in Order of Appearance

Locations Visited

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