Chapter 197: VS Hariyama is the 17th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Brawly's Hariyama bears down on Sapphire's Combusken, whose arm is stuck in the wall. Brawly cries his victory as Sapphire shouts for Combusken to block the attack. Brawly declares himself winner but Sapphire contradicts him just as Hariyama collapses.

Brawly runs to Hariyama, stopping short when he sees not one bruise but two bruises, one on Hariyama's face and one on his hand. Sapphire explains her strategy: She knew that Brawly, as the "master of Ju," would avoid Combusken's attack and use momentum, so she took advantage of that by having Combusken use Double Kick, so that while Hariyama may have mostly dodged the blow to his face, he ran right into the second kick.

Brawly asks how Sapphire knew that his Hariyama would evolve, and she answers that when he was so insistent that she challenge him tonight, before he leaves tomorrow, she thought something might be up. Brawly, sheepishly, admits that as Hariyama's trainer, he could sense the upcoming evolution and had wanted it to occur during battle. He gives Sapphire her second badge, the Knuckle Badge.

As Sapphire attaches it to her fanny pack, she hears a rumbling sound. She and Brawly leave the gym and realize it's coming from Granite Cave. Remembering that Ruby is still there, Sapphire starts to sprint, but Brawly stops her, warning her that it's dangerous. Hearing her say that "that guy" is still in there, Brawly surmises that Sapphire has a friend stuck in Granite Cave, and he remembers his own close friend. Sapphire quickly protests that he isn't her friend, very embarrassed, but is relieved when Brawly lets her go.


She finds Ruby

She rushes to Granite Cave and is clambering over rubble of rocks when Ruby calls to her from behind, making a smirking comment that a wild girl like her must be searching for her dinner here. Sapphire is furious, as she ran all the way here to make sure he is alright, shouting at him. Ruby protests that he didn't ask Sapphire to come save her, and adds that he teamed up with a guy named Steven to escape Granite Cave.

Sapphire stunned, realizing this is the very Steven whom Mr. Stone asked her to deliver the letter to. She demands of Ruby where Steven went, grabbing Ruby by the collar of his shirt and shaking him. Ruby points out over the sea and Sapphire promptly grabs him and jumps off the cliff and onto her Wailord's back, intent on making Ruby show her the way to Steven.

69 days left until deadline

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Locations Visited

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