Chapter 196: VS Beldum is the 16th chapter of Hidenori of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Fully Summary

Ruby, delighted by his Poochyena's and Skitty's evolutions into Mightyena and Delcatty, takes out a camera to begin recording them and taking pictures. As they are currently in danger of being swamped by infuriated wild Mawile, this baffles Steven. Steven grabs Ruby by the arm and hauls him in an escape, explaining that Steven's Moon Stone caused Delcatty's evolution. Ruby offers to do anything to repay Steven and Steven tells him to just run.


Stones and gems

They run into a dead-end but Steven's many Beldum and Metang, hidden in the walls, are ready. They burst out and attack the Mawile while Steven and Ruby escape on his Metang, Steven using the rings around his arm to snag a Sun Stone in the process. As they escape, Steven explains that he is a "stone getter," a tradition dating since the beginning of time. Stone getters search for stones containing special energy; some stone getters even polish their stones into "gems."

The technical talk is boring Ruby, who apologizes and explains that he only holds interest in Pokémon contests. Steven isn't offended, instead telling Ruby that he is searching for more than merely stones: he is looking for a partner to aid him against two forces invading Hoenn. He asks for Ruby's name and age, and upon hearing Ruby is only eleven, comments that if Ruby were sixteen he could work with Steven. Ruby protests that he doesn't know anything about Pokémon battling, to which Steven gives him a look that makes Ruby gulp nervously. As it is, Steven says that he and Ruby will meet again someday, riding Metagross off into the sunset and leaving Ruby outside of Granite Cave.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Steven Stone
  2. Ruby's Mightyena
  3. Ruby's Delcatty
  4. Ruby
  5. Wild Mawile (multiple)
  6. Ruby's Mudkip
  7. Steven's Beldum (multiple)
  8. Steven's Metang
  9. Steven's Metagross

Locations Visited

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