Chapter 194: Vs Mawile is the 14th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary


Sapphire shows Ruby the badge on her fanny pack

Ruby and Sapphire stare at each, shocked to have stumbled across one another again. Sapphire introduces herself to Mr. Briney, explaining that she and Ruby are rivals.

Ruby is excited to see that Sapphire is wearing the clothes he gave her, but Sapphire rebuffs him, instead demanding if he's won any contests yet. Ruby admits not, hanging his head, and Sapphire proudly shows off her Boulder Badge.

Ruby protests that he would have a ribbon already if he had reached the town where a contest is held. Sapphire proceeds to mock his desire for beauty, to which Ruby fires back defensively. The two glare at each other and then whirl away. Ruby thanks Mr. Briney for saving him and then takes off; coincidentally, Sapphire is heading the same direction. They both happen to be going to Granite Cave.

Arguing along the way, they reach Granite Cave, where Sapphire goes on the right path and Ruby goes on the left path. Ruby reveals that he wants to find a Milotic, and though he has no data on where to find or how to get Milotic, he suspects that Milotic does not live in saltwater.

Chap194p07CocoNana copy
Ruby finds an underwater lake, where he goes looking. He is horrified by wild Golbat and Geodude until he finds some wild Mawile, which he is charmed by until they turn around and snap their jaws at him. The Mawile rush at him, enveloping him in their swarm.

Steven Stone saves Ruby, plucking him out and to safety. Ruby thanks Steven and uses his pokédex on the Mawile. Still caught in the Mawile, Ruby's Poochyena lights up, starting to evolve, and Ruby's Skitty, who is standing by a stone hanging from Steven's belt, also starts to evolve. Steven introduces himself to Ruby and asks to team up against the Mawile.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby
  2. Mr. Briney
  3. Ruby
  4. Sapphire
  5. Sapphire's Torchic
  6. Ruby's Mudkip
  7. Ruby's Skitty
  8. Sapphire's Aron (in a fantasy)
  9. Roxanne's Nosepass (in a fantasy)
  10. Roxanne (in a fantasy)
  11. Peeko (Briney's Wingull)
  12. Briney's Whiscash, Huntail, and Magikarp (in a flashback)
  13. Milotic (in a flashback, in a book)
  14. Ruby's Poochyena
  15. Wild Golbat
  16. Wild Geodude
  17. Wild Mawile
  18. Steven Stone

Locations Visited

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