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VS Crawdaunt II is the 13th chapter of the RS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Ruby is cornered on Mr. Briney's boat, holding desperately onto Briney as the sea attempts to drag Briney underwater. A great blast of power comes from the wild Crawdaunt; Ruby ducks to avoid Hyper Beam. Briney calls for Peeko, who uses Quick Attack to ram her beak into Crawdaunt's face.

Ruby and Briney barely have time to sigh with relief when Peeko's beak cracks from the power of Crawdaunt's Shell Armor. Crawdaunt takes Peeko in a pincher and hurls her away. Briney shouts that Crawdaunt's armor is flawless, but a violent wave rocks the boat, knocking Briney unconscious.

As Ruby struggles to pull Briney onto the ship, Crawdaunt approaches behind him, lifting its claw like a hammer. But Ruby turns, looking vaguely interested as he asks Crawdaunt if it has no weaknesses. This pauses Crawdaunt mid-swing. Ruby continues, daring to poke Crawdant's armor a few times as he says Crawdaunt must have some weaknesses: that's why it has the armor in the first place.


Skitty lights up

In an impressive display of strength, Ruby yanks Briney onboard, shoving him down to be shielded below decks. Ruby looks around officially, making sure no one is there to see, and then calls to Skitty. Skitty starts to run in a tight circle, chasing her tail. Crawdaunt's mouth falls open in shock and a powerful light emanates from Skitty…

Peeko's makeover

Mr. Briney wakes up the next morning. He finds Peeko's beak carefully bandaged, a neat little bow decorating the splint, and glittering with makeup. (Special attention has been paid to her eyelashes.)

Briney is flabbergasted, especially when Ruby greets him cheerfully. Ruby shows Briney the tied-up Crawdaunt, claiming that a wave caused Crawdaunt to fall over and knock itself out and that another big wave had helped Ruby pull Briney onboard.

Briney is dubious, and inquires why Skitty is running in circles; looking nervous (in a seasick sort of way) Ruby hastily shows Briney his pokédex, claiming Skitty always does that. Briney is understandably suspicious, especially as he notices Crawdaunt's dazed expression, the new dents in his boat's deck, and the cracks in Crawdaunt's armor. From this, Briney surmises that Skitty's Cute Charm caused Crawdaunt to become infatuated with her, and then a powerful Double Edge took Crawdaunt out.


Round and round and round…

Even so, Briney has his doubts. Could such a small, weak-looking Pokémon, who even now is carelessly chasing her tail in circles, really have defeated Crawdaunt? Sudden realization strikes: the circular motion would maximize the number of times there was contact between Skitty and Crawdaunt, increasing the chances of Cute Charm and reducing the recoil damage taken.

Briney is astounded to realize Ruby's cunning and the training that must have gone into these kinds of strategies. About to confront Ruby about his lies, Briney changes his mind, instead telling Ruby that he can tell Briney anything, but Ruby appears to be too busy vomiting over the edge to pay attention.

Dewford comes into view. Briney plans to take off again when he drops Ruby off, intending to both search for Relicanth and investigate the recent earthquakes plaguing Hoenn.


Look out! Oh no…

At the same time, Sapphire approaches Dewford on her Wailord. Wailord sneezes and Sapphire scolds him for causing a minor tidal wave. On a sudden impulse, she has Wailord's spout propel her into the air, where she realizes the wave is going to swamp all these swimmers on Dewford's shores. Horrified, she covers her eyes; however, can't resist peeking between her fingers. She sees a man and his Makuhita, previously floating peacefully, surfing the giant wave. She quickly splashes out to them as soon as she can, apologizing, but the man is impressed that the wave came from a Wailord and assures Sapphire that it was perfect for surfing.

Noticing that Makuhita is a fighting-type Pokémon, Sapphires wonders why the man is teaching it to surf. The man corrects her, saying he's training Makuhita, not teaching it to surf; he goes on to say that there are two styles of fighting, Go (fighting using energy from your own body) and Ju (fighting using the energy of the battle, such as using the energy of a wave while you surf). He adds that if Sapphire intends to challenge him then she will have to keep Go and Ju in mind. He introduces himself: Brawly, the leader of Dewford Gym.

Brawly sheepishly tells her that he's going on a prolonged training expedition tomorrow, so if she wants to battle soon, she'll have to challenge him tomorrow morning.

With that in mind, Sapphire leaves to walk the decks as she thinks about this. By sheer chance, she happens upon Briney and Ruby, who are docking. The two catch sight of each other and yell in shock: You!

70 days until the deadline.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ruby
  2. Mr. Briney
  3. Crawdaunt
  4. Peeko
  5. Ruby's Skitty
  6. Sapphire
  7. Sapphire's Wailord
  8. Brawly
  9. Brawly's Makuhita

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