Chapter 190: VS Nosepass I is the 10th chapter of the RS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. Is the final chapter of Volume 15.

Full Summary

Determining that in order to deliver Mr. Stone's letter she needs to be strong enough to defend herself against Team Aqua, Sapphire challenges her first gym in Rustboro City. However, because so many people want to challenge Roxanne, all potential challengers must first pass a written test.

Meanwhile, Maryann and Tyler think on the recent attack against Mr. Stone. Maryann wonders why their boss has hushed up their report on it, and she wonders why Mr. Stone gave Sapphire a letter to deliver when he could just email Steven. Remembering a logo they'd seen on the criminals' Pokémon, Maryann and Tyler do some research and discover that the criminals belonged to Team Aqua.

At the gym, Sapphire struggles with reading the test, but when the exams are graded it is revealed that Sapphire has a perfect score. As she scored the highest, Sapphire is then allowed to battle Roxanne. Sapphire sends out her Aron against Roxanne's Nosepass, but changes her mind when she realizes how strong Nosepass is. However, Nosepass's Magnet Pull keeps her from switching Aron out.

Far away, at sea, an old sailor fishes a drifting, unconscious Ruby out of the waters.

76 days left until deadline

Chapter 189

Chapter 191

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Sapphire, her Aron, and her Torchic
  2. Rustboro Gym challengers
  3. Maryann and Tyler
  4. Roxanne
  5. Mr. Briney and Peeko
  6. Ruby

Locations Visited

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